Aug 16

Totally Fabulous Home Decor All the Time!

I love Wayfair.com.   Now we have a Wayfair here in Canada!  We now have all  these choices. Going for a holiday down south to bring back what I want or need for my little nest, was impossible. Now you don’t have to think about that any more! I know, I used to have a problem being green with envy, over my southern friends, Not anymore.

Let me Introduce you to Wayfair.Canada!

That envy is now a thing of the Past.  You no longer have to look at magazines and TV ads wondering where to find the interesting things you see in the media.  You can browse for these  things at your hearts content.  You  know that you can have those things too. You can shop at Wayfair.ca and not have to worry about shipping, duties, and the like. Home furnishings and all the wonderful items that make your home special can be purchased through Wayfair.ca.  You can browse at your leisure, and in the convenience of your own home.

You don’t  have to wait for that day when you can make that trip across the border and stay for 48 hours at least, before you can bring back your heart’s desires. Isn’t that great?

Haven’t heard of  Wayfair?  What’s there for me?

Wayfair has been a leading home decor store for many years.  The Whole Home notion can be seen right now in the products that Wayfair offers.  Not only do they have home furnishings that are just beautiful, but they have all those little items that just make the room complete and your decor “pop”, like the designers.

You will find, the perfect side table, with a vase and a picture to place on the wall to finish off the room and make it complete.   Those hard to find accessories are right here, just waiting for you.

Truly, you can and you will enjoy yourself while you are browsing for all those beautiful possibilities for your home.

What’s In Store?

Besides beautiful furniture, you will find, pillows, lighting, throws, tables and chairs, rugs and wall art.  Clocks and every kind of accessory that your heart desires.  Drawer pulls, faucets and sinks, childrens’  rooms, things for your teenager  and things for you, there is everything that you could possibly need right here and you can always keep your eyes on the sale prices too.

home decor, designer looks, accessories

From Modern to Traditional you will find everything you want at Wayfair.


Redecorating has never been easier, Wayfair can lead you through all the steps to make a room look like it was just in the Latest Home Decor magazine,  and it all comes to your door.


home decor, designer looks, details

Everything you can Imagine is available at Wayfair.ca


****Grammie O is an affiliate of Wayfair.ca and will receive a small compensation if you click on the links.****


Pictures in this article are courtesy of Pixabay.com.




Totally Fabulous Home Decor All the Time.
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Totally Fabulous Home Decor All the Time.
For years Canadians have been trying to find that perfect place to get all those "designer looks" at reasonable prices. Look no further, Wayfair Canada is now here.
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  1. Wednesday Elf

    Nice to know you and my other Canadian friends can now shop at WayFair. Glad they expanded ‘across the border’ for you. 🙂

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Believe me we are happy too. I always looked with great envy at what you could buy….not anymore. Thanks for your comments Pat.

  2. Dawn Rae

    I like looking at Wayfair (US) but haven’t ordered anything… yet.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      You can do that too…..thanks for your comments Dawn Rae.

  3. Cynthia

    Wayfair is a really great site! Many years ago, I used to get their catalogs long before they became popular online. I am so glad they are now available to you in Canada. Happy shopping to you!

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Thank you Cynthia, when I’m not learning something new, I look at all these goodies….

  4. Susan

    Lucky you to have Wayfair now in Canada! I love their commercials and could spend a ton of money there. I mean, who couldn’t use a new lamp? of rug? or sofa?? Enjoy shopping!

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Love love love that they are now here in Canada. They have such beautiful things…thanks for dropping in Susan.

  5. Treasures By Brenda

    I’ve been seeing Wayfair on some of our television programs. Interesting to learn a bit more about them.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      I really like what I see at WayFair, thanks for stopping in Brenda.

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