Sep 10

The Best Bird Feeders Ever!

It’s Not Too Late Yet!


Blue jay bird feeders Just one of the many birds that will visit this year.

Fall and Winter are the two months of the year when our little feathered friends outdoors start to look for food! It’s just about Thanksgiving and what better way is there to give thanks for all the beauty in nature then to put out one or two bird feeders.

This little act of kindness on your part, will keep you smiling through the darkest of the days to come. Especially when you see the lovely birds coming by to say a great big ‘THANK YOU!” for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Most of us have been busy cleaning up our gardens and trimming back all the “stuff” that has bloomed or is finished for the year. The only problem with that is, while the garden looks nice and tidy, the birds who make it a habit of eating those leftover seeds, now don’t have any!

In my neck of the woods, the cardinals and blue jays, yes even some of the “crazy” robins that refuse to fly south, are looking for food. They flit by my window, making sure that I see them on the hunt for something good to eat. Truth be known, I usually have my feeders ready long before now, but, this year I’m behind schedule!

The great news is that “it’s not too late” to start putting some seeds out for our fine feathered friends, and they will come to feast at your doorstep.

I am particular though, I only like to entice the birds to come for a visit, the squirrels and other furry creatures, can still forage for other things. I prefer that they forage somewhere else, but the birds are what keep me looking out and enjoying what I see, even if it is covered in many layers of ice and snow.

I like to keep my garden in full seed production, until the very last moment. It is fantastic to watch the goldfinches picking seeds from the cosmos that bloom everywhere in my garden, plus that seed is free! The blue jays and cardinals love to peck away at the sunflowers that have all gone to seed! What a treat! I harvest as many of my sunflowers as I can before the squirrels get to them, and one at a time I hang them out for the birds.

One of my favorite feeders is the one that doesn’t let the squirrels get away with the bounty.  Try this one on for size and see what happens in your yard.

Squirrel Buster Classic Green – Part #: 1015

When I have run out of my own seed heads, I will go out and purchase some good quality seeds and have the feeders already in place. I’m really lucky, I have a large picture window and the feeder is on a shepherd’s hook about 5 ft. away. I get to watch the birds come and feed and then come back with some more of their friends. All in all, it only takes a day or so for the birds to find the newest feeding station.

Winter is particularly hard on the birds, they need to eat lots of seed in order to produce enough body heat to keep them going. So with my bird feeder and good seed, they know that they will make it through today and tomorrow.

The other thing that the birds must have, is a good clean source of water. Now that is a little trickier especially when the average temperatures are below freezing. If you really want to do the birds a favor, you can set out a bowl of warm water every morning and it will take a little while before it freezes, or you can purchase a special de-icer and that will keep the water from freezing altogether. The birds will love you for it, and they will visit you all the time. There is nothing prettier than a bright red Cardinal set against a beautiful winter wonderland of snow in the background. Trust me, you will enjoy this sight during those bleak days of winter. One investment in a good bird feeder today, will have you enjoying the birds for many, many years to come!

Allied Precision Industries-Api 650 Heated Bird Bath With Mounting Bracket

Winter Watering/Drinking Station

This is a must have for anyone who loves to enjoy birds, especially in the winter months. They will come flocking to your yard with one of these installed!


Good quality bird seed is essential, the birds need the higher calories in this type of seed to help them keep warm.
Wagner’s 13008 Deluxe Wild Bird Food, 10-Pound Bag



Blue Jays and Cardinals will love the peanuts that you put into this feeder. They will sit for hours and you can take great pictures.

Whole Peanut Wreath Ring Black

peanut feeders,

These are so much fun to fill and watch while the birds help themselves.

Taking care of the birds in the winter is a great way to enjoy the beauty that nature provides without having to be too cold for too long.

It only takes a few minutes to fill the feeders and the birds will thank you by showing up in your yard through the winter months when there isn’t a whole lot of color happening outdoors.

Make sure you have your camera ready!






  1. Joan Adams

    We also enjoy the birds – year round. I love to sit at the kitchen table and watch the birds out the window. Such a simple way to take a few moments to be grateful for the joys in nature.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      You are so right Joan, it’s the little things that really make your heart burst with happiness and the birds flitting around the feeder are just one of those little things…

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