Jan 18

Summer Parties with Pizzazz and Sizzle!

Summer Parties with Pizzazz and sizzle are great ways to enjoy the warm days and lovely evenings.

Making that party special is easy enough with some hints of extra added fun in your drinks and decor.  Just imagine a party with the theme of “Star Wars”.  You could have simple sheets used to drape across your tables, with light scattered through the trees and Tiki lamps to light those dark recesses of your yard.  Add some fun with your punch bowl filled with ice shaped like R2D2, C3PO, and the Death Star and your guests will just have an awesome time.

These molds will make that party just sizzle right along with the whole theme.  Star Wars has such great following and now that the latest edition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  has come out, a whole new group of youngsters are finding out about all the fun and excitement that made Star Wars the Greatest Epic Movie Compilation Ever.


Star Wars and the Next Generation of Movie Viewers

Starting that party off with a showing of the latest Star Wars Movies is the way to set the whole mood for the rest of the party.  The Force Awakens brings a whole new audience to the Star Wars Genre of movies and with kids and their friends being available over the summer, maybe it’s a great time to have a Star Wars extended movie day/night.

Summer Parties

Summer Parties don’t have to happen only one night.  Get the family together and spend some quality time sharing all the wonders of what was and is one of the greatest epics of our times.  The kids will be interested in seeing what made it so special for their parents and it will fill in a lot of spaces (no pun intended) with the audience as a whole.  Leave the Tiki lamps and night lights and party over a couple of days with all of the conversations circling around the happenings in the Movies.

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