Jan 18

Special Moms and Special Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a great day to let your mom know how much she means to you!

For the little ones, it’s a perfect time to get out the crayons, glue, sparkles and everything else you could possibly need to make something for the Mom who appreciates Fine Art!

Art Supplies for the Little Artists in your home!

Little Artists Supplies

Everything your little Artist would need and want to complete their Masterpiece is available right here!  Clicking on the blue link above, will take you to all kinds of art supplies. So many choices for all different levels of talent and desire.  Your children will be making gifts for mom and dad non-stop.  Creativity is a good thing to foster in a young child.  Every occasion will be another occasion for them to create something beautiful as a gift for mom.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Mom

With a little help from the grown-ups, your budding artist will be able to share his talent with those he loves. Making gifts like this for mom will make him a better artist and a loving caring child too.  And the best part is that any day can be a special day when you have the tools to create.  Valentine’s Day gifts for Mom, Dad, Grandma and special Aunts and Uncles,  could be coming for weeks on end.

Mom’s will be looking for a special spot to “showcase” their beautiful gifts!

If that isn’t quite the gift for Valentine’s Day that you had in mind for your mom, then maybe something a little sparkly would do nicely too. There are hundreds of crafty ideas to make with the children to surprise Mom for Valentines Day! If you need some inspiration check out this listing for crafts to make with children.


Kids love to make and give gifts! Teaching them how to do this from the time they are little, will help  them become very loving and artistic people.  Moms, of course,  will love their Valentine’s Gift made especially for them, by their own children.  Grandmas and Grandpas would love a special gift made for them too!

Valentine’s day is one of those holidays where creativity with little ones can be let loose, and the outcome will always be enjoyed by the recipient.

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If time is something that you are short of,  you want to buy something for Mom for Valentine’s Day.  That is easy to do as well.  I am sure that with thousands of gift ideas, you and your little charges will find the perfect gift for Mom for Valentine’s Day.  She will be thrilled that you thought about her for sure!



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