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Safety Gear, Winter Driving

Winter is just beginning to rear it’s head in parts of the country and safety gear is a “must have” if you are planning on doing any kind of driving while the weather is less than perfect.

It seems that the latter part of 2015 went out without too much fuss about snow and icy conditions.  That has drastically changed in the last couple of weeks!  Many of our Eastern states are being pummeled with snow the likes that haven’t been seen in a long time.  Are you winter ready, really winter ready?

For everyone who is planning to travel by car anywhere during this time, might I make a few suggestions for those JUST IN CASE times?

road safety

Driving can be Dangerous

Every car travelling, should have the basics already in place.  By that I mean Snow Tires, Antifreeze in their windshield washer container, a good snow brush in the car and for longer drives I would make sure I have some extras!

These would be:  Some high calorie foods like nuts, granola bars, some water,  beef jerky or pepperoni sticks,  Cheese sticks and that type of food, keep these in a small cooler in your car, just in case you end up stranded somewhere.

For your own personal comfort, a blanket, pillow, and a candle with matches or a lighter.  If you are stranded, the warmth of a candle can keep you going for quite a while until help arrives.  Make sure that you are dressed for the weather.  Boots, hats, mitts and a good warm coat.  In the car along with the treats, you should also have a shovel, some sand and a flashlight.

These things don’t take up a lot of space, but if you get stuck on a back road or even a highway, these items can be life savers.  Hopefully someone has a cell phone, so that you can contact help if help is indeed needed.

During your time on the road,  stop at gas stations along the way more frequently, keep your tank full, don’t let it get below half.  You will thank yourself if you are in need of that fuel to keep you warm while you wait for help to arrive.  It is always best to be safe and not sorry……


Safety Gear for Winter
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Safety Gear for Winter
Driving is a dangerous sport in the winter months when the roads can be treacherous, be prepared.
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