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Nothing Says Loving Like Something from the Oven

There’s an old saying that goes, “Nothing Says Loving like something from the Oven!”  This,  in my experience, is the truth!  I have had many years of experience with Valentine’s Day and I can tell you for sure, that when something is coming out of the oven, my family waits with baited breath!

Valentine's Favorites

Valentine’s Day Made Special

So many of our celebrations are made complete by sharing food.  Just think of birthday parties, christenings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, engagements, marriages and the like.  All of these are great ways for families and friends to get together, but what makes them memorable is the sharing of good food, right along with all the festivities.  The Highlight is the Cake!

A Birthday or special Anniversary that is just celebrated with a card or flowers, may be remembered for a while, but the celebrations that happen with the sharing of food, family and friends,  makes memories that last for years and years.

Valentine’s Day is one day where you can start things off with heart shaped eggs or pancakes and everyone will be smiling from ear to ear.  The kids will be even more impressed with their lunch time sandwiches when they see that you took the time to  cut them into heart shapes too!  Finish the day with a beautiful roast, chicken, or meal in a pot shaped like a heart and your family will swoon with delight.  The crowning glory of course will be the little heart cakes or heart muffins.

Valentine's Day

Sweets for your Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Now if you are not able to be home to do all of this, any one or two of these ideas will have your family singing your praises for a long time to come.  Valentine’s Day is fun if you choose to make it that way.  Little notes, and some really special meals are just one way to show your family just how much they mean to you.

<h4>Having the right utensils will help you pull this off without too much trouble.  There are heart shaped egg forms, muffin cups, cake tins, even waffle makers.  I happen to love the heart shaped Cast Iron pot and would use that not just for Valentines Day, but for any special occasion.

Once you have some of these kitchen items in your home, I bet you will find dozens of ways to use them. Let your imagination soar. You only have 365 days a year to make special memories, let’s begin now and keep it going the whole year through.


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Nothing Says Loving Like Something from the Oven
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Nothing Says Loving Like Something from the Oven
Food and Celebrations go together, make Valentine's really special with some help in the kitchen with Utensils that help you with that loving feeling.
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  1. EM

    Your cupcakes are so beautiful. How did you find conversation hearts with the right words on them?

    1. GrammieOlivia

      amazing isn’t it? I was just lucky, they said what they did…It wasn’t planned that way. But I’m glad it worked into the newsletter as it was….thanks for your response.

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