Aug 11

Maintaining your Beautiful Summer Skin with L’Occitane

Skin care sometimes takes a back seat to everything else that is happening in the summer. Beautiful Skin needs to be pampered right through the summer months.

That should  be the case……Skin is with us 24/7 and it does not ask too much of us on a daily basis.

L'Occitane Cremes for beautiful skin.

Beautiful Skin is available to everyone. L’Occitane Bonus just for You.

If you wash your face and cleanse your skin in the morning, most of the time you are good to go. No questions asked. But in the summer months with days of heat, humidity  and many days of no rain or any other respite from the heat, our skin may start to become less than perfect. Don’t Let this Happen to YOU!]

L’Occitane has prepared a special just for you.  Buy any items for $50.00 and receive free a trio of hand cremes.

This weekend only! Your FREE Mini hand cream trio with any $50 purchase! Use code: JOLIES Valid 08/12 – 08/14

FREE Shipping on ALL our Best-sellers! No code necessary. Valid 08/11 – 09/05

L’Occtaine creams and lotions are of the highest quality that anyone could want. With a reputation for quality lotions, I know that you will find what you want,  right here.

And there is no better time to get what you need. Until this weekend, you will receive a three Mini Hand Cream Assortment with any $50.00 purchase. Think about this…..free with any $50.00 purchase a mini hand cream trio.

That would wonderful to put away for that trip in the coldest months of the year. Heading down south and being prepared is just so wonderful.  L’Occitane Canada” wants you to relish in the trio of creams it has prepared,  for a bonus. Pack this into your suitcase before your travel south and you will be amazed at how you did without these cremes for so long. L’Occitane, will be so happy to know what your reactions to these cremes are. Try them now and put the bonus away for your trip down south and then…….when your skin is needing some attention, let it have the secret that you have kept hiding until the perfect time. L’Occitane trio of skin creams will have your skin radiant and beautiful regardless of what the weather stations say.


L'Occitane, creams make you look radiant

Skin that has been loved and cared for.

Turn heads with the beautiful you, lustrous and boasting a beautiful glow from skin that is loved well. From your head to your toes, you will be the goddess of all things beautiful……..



Maintaining your beautiful skin through the summer months.
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Maintaining your beautiful skin through the summer months.
Skin care seems to fall by the wayside during the summer months. Really it shouldn't. In the summer skin needs more attention than any other time of year. 'Occitane would like to see your beautiful skin year around.
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