Jan 10

Houseplant Appreciation Day For Gardeners Everywhere

You must know that there is a Day for just about everything under the sun.  Today Sunday is Houseplant Appreciation day!  WooHoo!

What you may not know is that Houseplants are really good for your environment, meaning the indoors!  Your indoors especially in the winter months can become very stale.  There are days when you just want to throw open the doors and let some fresh air in!  But, it’s cold outside and it cost money to heat it up.  So what is a person to do?

That answer is easy, houseplants and the more the merrier.  In the dark dreary nights of winter, houseplants just seem to make it not so depressing.  How can you look at a lovely spider plant with it’s bright green leaves and not smile.  Or better yet, a flowering cyclamen with it’s pretty red, pink or white flowers?  Not only are they a joy to look at, they also serve the dual purpose of making your indoor air much better.  Now you are probably wondering how that could be, well let me tell you!

verigated wandering jew plant

Just one of Many Beautiful Houseplants

Plants have this wonderful ability to take in the carbon dioxide that we exhale and use it to grow their beautiful leaves and flowers, but more important is that at night when we are tucked nicely in our warm beds, these same plants are giving off oxygen.  That is why there is such a push each year to plant trees and gardens.  Did you think it was just because they look nice?  Well that may well be part of the reason, but the one reason, the most important reason, is that trees and plants are the Lungs of the Earth. They keep refreshing our oxygen supply just by doing what they do best, and that is grow.  They also feed us, keep us cool, shelter birds and small animals and a host of other things.

But houseplants do that as well and that is one reason to celebrate National Houseplant day.  Time to go out and purchase a new plant or add another to the collection you already have.

As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many houseplants.  But here are the ten best for keeping your air quality high at home:

  1.  English Ivy

  2. Peace Lily

  3.  Bamboo Palm

  4.  Ficus

  5. Dracaena

  6. Chrysanthemum

  7. Pathos

  8. Snake Plant

  9. Spider Plant

  10. Aloe

Each of these plants are easy to grow and will make your home smell nice and be healthy as far as air quality goes.  The Aloe has the added benefit of being a healing plant when it comes to burns or skin irritations.

So now go out and get yourself a new houseplant to help with your indoor air quality.  Here are some great book titles to help you keep those Plants healthy and growing well too!



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  1. Barbara Radisavljevic

    So far I’ve got no place to put house plants except one window sill which I mainly use to root plants for outside beds. It’s pretty narrow. I’ve also had terrible luck growing anything inside. Maybe someday. Then I will refer back to this.

  2. Barbara

    Appreciate this page – my plan is to add more house plants this year for exactly the reason you’ve stipulated, that they help to clean the air and add oxygen – Our house is a little challenging though for plant survival (because of the direction is faces) – but I have managed to keep a spider plant alive in our family now for nearly 10 years! And another one as well (my mom gave me a tip on how she’s managed to keep plants alive – she said, never over water them, so I only water my plants in the family once a week at the most) – so far so good. Hope I have this kind of luck when I purchase some new ones for our living room!

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Barbara if you give them what they like they will thrive even if you are facing in a direction that doesn’t get so much sunlight….buy the right plant and it will grow. Low light possibilities are peace lilies, I will look for the proper name……let me know what you like to grow and I’ll help you along….

  3. Wednesday Elf

    My daughter has a whole slew of houseplants in every room of her house. She loves the fact that they supply oxygen to the atmosphere.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      They are a great way to keep the air “fresh” in your home through those nasty winter months.

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