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Pumpkin Carving Made Easy!

Pumpkin carving goes to the next level

Which one is you favorite carving?

There will be dozens of different pumpkin carving ideas out there for that special front porch decoration.  We are less than a month till that wonderful spooky, fun filled evening, when all the neighborhood ghouls and ghosts will be making their appearance.

Are you ready?  There are so many fantastic ways to make your front porch the one that every kid just has to see. All it takes is a little bit of time and energy, some added lighting and your porch will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Black lights added to the porch along with some frightfully wonderful pumpkin carvings will make your porch a “stand out”.

Get ready for some ideas:

First of all, let’s get rid of the notion that all pumpkins need a face.  While that may have been true years ago,today, that is just not so.

Pumpkins can be carved out to have a Halloween Scene, or some designs etched just into the skins, or even some are simple with repeat rows of holes and spaces in them, so that when the candle inside is lit, it will look like a designers dream.

But scary is still the standard when it comes to “frightfully” nice…..so let’s make that job as easy as possible.

When Halloween is all over, don’t go throwing those pumpkins away,  They will be perfect for pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin cookies and anything else pumpkin.  Good Food should never be tossed away needlessly.




If you need some great pumpkin recipes, GrammieO found this Pinterest page just for you! Full of everything pumpkin and healthy too!   Pumpkin Recipes on Pinterest

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