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Easter Treats for Little Ones and Big Ones too!

Easter is a religious holiday for Christians.  They celebrate the Beginnings of their Faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


That is good, but most of the world does not see this as part of the Easter Celebrations.  There celebrations are all about chocolate bunnies, Easter egg hunts and small gifts for those loved ones in their family.

The children are encouraged to go hunting for Easter goodies that if weather permits will be hiding in the bushes, flower beds, garden sheds and such.  If you are hunting indoors, then behind the chair or couch are good spots, on the window sills and hiding behind the “rogues gallery” of pictures are great spots.

For most children, it doesn’t take them long to figure out what the object of the Easter egg hunt is all about.  Armed with fancy baskets, they will go searching for those goodies that have been hidden either indoors or outdoors.  (Parents, remember to make a list of all the hiding places.)

EasterEggHunt 001a

What will you be hiding for your little ones to find?  A new book, some crayons, chocolate (of course), Easter eggs (again, of course), how about some new little toy?  All of these are possibilities and I would suggest that some are really good ideas.  A new book about Bunnies or Chicks, something about religion if you are so disposed, a new hobby or the story about easter eggs are all very timely ideas.

Sweetness is just a click away and the goodies are great!

Skittles Original, Easter Egg, 45gm, 12 Count

Playing for the children is an important part of Family Get Togethers! Learning while they are playing is the best. It’s fun and will keep the little ones entertained while the Grown Ups get a chance to relax.

Berenstain Bears Living Lights/The Berenstain Bears And The Easter Story

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  1. Marie Williams Johnstone

    Easter is always a lot of fun for young kids especially. We always do an egg hunt – sometimes indoors if the weather is bad. The hunting part is the fun.

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