halloween Halloween Pumpkins to Light the Night

Halloween is a time when everyone wants to have the opportunity to do just a little play acting. Children of all ages will be running around the neighborhood just anticipating the goodies that will be theirs. Moms and Dads with flashlights and goodie bags in tow, will be bringing children to the door and making sure that their children are polite in return for candy! How much fun is that?
I know my own children would spend days and weeks preparing for that magical night, when ghosts and goblins, witches and fairies, superheroes and Hockey players would rule the streets.
And then there are the littlest ones, who are donned out in costumes that just make you stop and say, “Ahhh, aren’t they cute!”
Hopefully the weather will hold up so that this years Trick or Treaters have a really good night out!
Can you just imagine one of your children or Grandchildren dressed up like one of these characters? Minions, and superheroes, animals and who can forget Olaf. There will be princesses and fairies too I’m sure. But for your pleasure I have pulled out a few of my personal favorites…..Enjoy!

Easter Treats for Little Ones and Big Ones too!

Easter is a religious holiday for Christians.  They celebrate the Beginnings of their Faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is good, but most of the world does not see this as part of the Easter Celebrations.  There celebrations are all about chocolate bunnies, Easter egg hunts and small gifts for those loved ones …

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Pumpkin carving goes to the next level

Pumpkin Carving Made Easy!

There will be dozens of different pumpkin carving ideas out there for that special front porch decoration.  We are less than a month till that wonderful spooky, fun filled evening, when all the neighborhood ghouls and ghosts will be making their appearance. Are you ready?  There are so many fantastic ways to make your front …

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