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Favorite Superheroes for Girls

Watch me!

Everyone loves Superheroes!

There, I’ve said it, and I truly believe it.  There are little girls and boys that are just wanting to be like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Hulk, but, wait a minute.  These are all the Boy’s superheroes!

Not to worry,  building on the popularity of the Super Heroes,  a whole line of Girl’s Superheroes is making itself known and available for all the young gals who have a fascination with the whole idea of Superheroes and being a follower.

Comic books are making a comeback and with them the whole genre of toys aimed at the young minds who read those comics.

Girl power is everywhere. This is for all your children, grandchildren and nieces who I’m sure will fall all over themselves and squirrel themselves away to read about the antics of their favorite Super Girls and all the ways they use their super powers to make the world a better place. The world of comic books is not just for the boys any longer. You can bet that Girls everywhere will have at least one or two of their favorite Super Stars on their list of must have toys. Even I’m finding them to be cute and interesting and another tool to teach our girls that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to doing it.

Everyone loves their own super heroes and girls are no different. So I would suggest that if you have a daughter, grand-daughter, niece or a good friends children in mind for a gift that will make them sit up and take notice…..this is the one for you! Pick one or two and watch their eyes light up and the smiles come onto their faces. Thank goodness for toys that will spark their imaginations and maybe even make them see some possibilities they would never have thought of before.