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Charming Ideas 2015

Gift Giving is best when the person who is on the receiving end is left speechless and in awe!


Charming Ideas

Pandora Charms make a Charming Gift

It makes me so happy to see tears glistening at the corners of my friends eyes, when the parcel that has their name on it, makes them stop……take a deep breath…….and then gush with joy!

It’s easy to get this reaction when you stop to really think about what it is you are giving and to whom.

I know one of my favorite gifts are the silver Pandora charms.  They don’t break the bank and there are so many choices that I know there are one or two for each of my friends.
The beauty of these charms is not only are they pretty, but, they are also a gift that can be added to as the years go by.  These are not just for Christmas, they are for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Places you have visited, Sights you have seen and everything in between.

These charms sometimes dangle and catch the light, while others are intricate in design.  Most of these are made with silver as the metal of choice and then overlaid with enamel, or pave set crystals.  Each one is unique to the person who is getting this gift.  Add your own words of love, encouragement, congratulations or any other special time and you have a gift that is sure to bring a tear or two and a grateful heart from your friends and family.

Grandma’s children can buy her the bracelet and the grandchildren can add a charm that is special to them, explaining to Grandma, why they chose the one they did.  I bet Grandma will never forget what they chose.  If that’s not possible then make a special bracelet with all the charms that represent each of her  grandchildren’s birth stones, whether they are babies or toddlers,  or all grown up, doesn’t matter.

Does one of her grandchildren work in a specific area, like nursing or teaching, or being a stay at home mom?  There is a charm for each of these careers  and many, many, more…

This is also a charming idea for the teenagers in your life.  Start they off with a bracelet for their “special birthday” say their Sweet Sixteenth.  One charm and a bracelet is the beginning and after that, every special occasion is another occasion to add a charm.  By the time your young lady is ready to start her own home, she will be sporting a charm bracelet full of memories.