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Grammie Olivia’s Hobbies

You would think that at the tender age of Grammie Olivia, she would start to wind down somewhat, right?


Grammie Olivia is just starting to get her feet wet with all kinds of trouble (not really).  Or should I put it a different way?  Grammie Olivia is starting to learn so much more about blogs, writing and especially about sharing all her knowledge on several different topics.

Learning how to blog is something that she has been doing for a while now.  But, this is a big BUT, she was doing it all wrong.

Searching the web for help with blogging wasn’t easy.  Friends from her writing days at Squidoo, came to the rescue.

If you can’t find something interesting here,  then head over to Grammie Olivia’s other Website and see what kind of trouble she’s getting into over there……

A Gardener’s Delight is the other corner of the internet world that she is setting up a tent in.  Don’t hesitate to jump on over and take a look.  If you like what you see, then sign up and be thrilled with all the good news coming through that site!

A Gardener’s Delight is just that, a place to revel in beauty, ask questions, learn something new and share your successes too!  Gardener’s are the most interesting people and they love to share…..so come on in and sit a spell.




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