Jan 18

Grammie O’s Newsletter

Lauren and Addy

My Darling Granddaughters

Welcome to GrammieO’s Newsletter!  You will find within these pages lots of really good information that can be used to make learning and having fun with your family a priority!


GrammieO’s Newsletter will be full of interesting and informative, fun things to do with children of all ages.  Join me for some fun times, all year!

You will also find some of GrammieO’s favorite books for Children and Adults too!  Gift Ideas for everyone from the wee babies right up to our favorite Grammies and Grampas too!

Recipes to make with and for your family, that are fun, nutritious and delicious too!

GrammieO also has a gardening website that will have all kinds of information on growing things, all year long.  How to make the most of your backyard or whatever growing space you have available.  Fun for the whole family in the great outdoors.  Just click on the link www.grammieknowshow.com


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