Little People, Little Hands, Big Toys 2015

big beautiful balls

Oh to jump around with these.

Little hands can do a lot.  The only thing they need is something just a little bigger to wrap those little fingers around.  After that, anything and everything is possible.

There’s a reason that so many babies have such big eyes, it’s because they can see better and judge better the toys that they will get real satisfaction out of playing with!  It makes perfect sense to me.

While babies are little they will more fully play with the bigger toys in their rooms.  It just is perfectly logical and yet at the same time, gives the little ones something tangible to hold onto.  If the toys are too small, we worry about baby putting them in their mouths or losing them in far away corners that we don’t want to go looking into.

Big toys, give them stability and keeps them right in babies sight lines.  Those two things are very important, especially as baby starts exploring the world around him/her.

Mega Blocks is one of my favorite toys for little hands. Easy to grab onto and easy to put together, this is a toy that has lots of playtime built right into it. Bright colors and shapes make this a great starter for youngsters busy learning new things. Each set can be added to the one before, so that it is a gift that grows with the child too! The next gift I love for babies and young children has to be BALLS! Balls make a great play toy for little hands. Babies and Tots will have fun rolling them, tossing them and trying all kinds of moves with these colorful balls. As babies learn to crawl and move, balls will encourage them to reach, and get theirs. Mom and dad have fun just watching them go around and round.

My next favorite toys for little hands are puzzles. Everyone love the bright colors and shapes. Fun to teach the little ones about colors, shapes and putting it all together.

This is a great way to start your gift giving for Babies and Tots, their little fingers will be kept busy for a long time. Playtime will always be this much fun and each toy can be added to another to make playtime even better than before.

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