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Mar 01

Basic Information for Newbie Gardeners, What you Need to Know!

Basic Information for Newbie Gardeners, What you Need to Know!   Gardeners work hand in hand with  Mother Nature to create the most pleasing results. So many ways to learn what you don’t know already! Now if you are new to this wonderful hobby of gardening there are some things that you will need to …

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Jan 18

Summer Parties with Pizzazz and Sizzle!

Summer Parties with Pizzazz and sizzle are great ways to enjoy the warm days and lovely evenings. Making that party special is easy enough with some hints of extra added fun in your drinks and decor.  Just imagine a party with the theme of “Star Wars”.  You could have simple sheets used to drape across …

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Jan 18

Special Moms and Special Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a great day to let your mom know how much she means to you! For the little ones, it’s a perfect time to get out the crayons, glue, sparkles and everything else you could possibly need to make something for the Mom who appreciates Fine Art! Art Supplies for the Little Artists …

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Aug 16

Totally Fabulous Home Decor All the Time!

I love   Now we have a Wayfair here in Canada!  We now have all  these choices. Going for a holiday down south to bring back what I want or need for my little nest, was impossible. Now you don’t have to think about that any more! I know, I used to have a problem being green with envy, …

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Jan 28

Safety Gear, Winter Driving

Winter is just beginning to rear it’s head in parts of the country and safety gear is a “must have” if you are planning on doing any kind of driving while the weather is less than perfect. It seems that the latter part of 2015 went out without too much fuss about snow and icy …

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Sep 16

Baby Gifts for Safety and Security (Part 2)

baby's car seat

      Travelling with the new baby is probably one of the first things you will be doing, unless you have had your baby at home.  Hospitals now insist that parents bring their babies home in a standardized backward facing car seat with  a five point harness to completely keep their baby safely contained …

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Sep 12

Family Histories, the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Family Histories, the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful Updated on January 8, 2014 Family History Sooner or later, everyone has that desire to know where they came from and how they ended up being where they are today. Now, for some of us, the desire ends up being a desire and it will never …

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Sep 10

The Best Bird Feeders Ever!

It’s Not Too Late Yet!   Just one of the many birds that will visit this year. Fall and Winter are the two months of the year when our little feathered friends outdoors start to look for food! It’s just about Thanksgiving and what better way is there to give thanks for all the beauty …

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