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Outstanding Personalized Books for Kids

Reading is Fun.

Listen, I will tell you a story!

Reading to your children is such an important task, and one that not only brings lots of fun, but it’s also a great time to bond with them as well.

There isn’t a child around that doesn’t like the idea of crawling into your lap, with their favorite book, just waiting for you to get comfortable.  Once everything is just “right”, the book comes out and that first page is opened up.  All eyes are on you, waiting for those first few words to come out of your mouth.

Can you just imagine their delight, when the book you read to them is not only full of great pictures and words, but, it is also written with them in mind.

Whether they like Dinosaurs or Counting, whether it’s for a girl or a boy, seems to be secondary. It’s the story that is written for them and them alone that makes these books a great gift.
If you order them early enough, you can even get your Christmas story personalized too! What child do you know that would not get an absolute thrill from this? There are so many choices and each one of them will be a big HIT in your family, for sure! The only other thing you will probably need is a great comforter to snuggle down in. Batman and My Little Pony for the kids, so that when the story is finished being read, mom or dad can scoop up the kiddies and wrap them up in their favorite fleecy blanket. Carting them off to bed was never this much fun before.

And if they don’t have a favorite character, you can always get a comforter in your favorite color, scooping them up in green, or pink, blue or purple, whatever color they deem their favorite, it’s available. GrammieO loves these comforters because they are warm and easy to wash. The kids really love them too!

Just remember, you will need some extra time to get personalized gifts, so don’t leave it to the last minute!