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Outstanding Gifts for Baby

Reading is Important

It’s never too early to start reading to children.

Of all the gifts that GrammieO loves to give, the top of the list has got to be BOOKS!

There isn’t a child in the world that doesn’t like to look at pictures, see shapes and colors and learn about the world around them!  Books open little minds to so many possibilities and starting them off early is a blessing for both the child and the parents.

Now, babies are limited with how much they can learn from books themselves, but, the right kind of books will be fun for them when mommy and daddy read to them.

From the first books with great pictures, to the books that have different textures and colors, baby’s world is being opened up by carefully choosing the right kind of books for their stage of development.  Touch and Feel book are just that, baby touches and feels the pages learning through touch the many different senses.

Soft, fuzzy, smooth, furry, and bright, noisy and just plain fun are all within the pages of these Books.

These make great gifts for the first time parents as well as gifts for Baby Showers. They are so bright, and clear and they are sure to become favorites with your little munchkins too!