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A Star is Born!

Every baby is a star in their own family, and that is as it should be!  The one that makes a Family complete is that first baby and then the ones that follow….

Each one is a star in their own right and what better way to celebrate that star than writing the story of their lives.  Today with so much social media available, it’s easy to forget putting all your thoughts, hopes and dreams for your baby in their own life story.

Baby Books are here to help you do just that.  Start writing your baby’s personal history, right from the time you first knew there would be baby coming.

Screen shot your posts on Social Media and add another page in their own story.  It’s easy to do and even better to keep it all organized and neat with one of several types of Baby Books on the market today.

For each child, there is a style of book that will suit him or her and once you are on a roll to fill it in, it will become a record of all the “FIRSTS” that have happened since they were born.

And when your baby is all grown up, it will make a wonderful gift once more when you are the grandparent and your own child is busy filling in a book for them.
History will repeat itself and many fun times will be had reliving the pages in their own “Special Baby Book”.

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