Apr 28

The Best Rain Barrel

The Best Rain Barrel is one that works well and holds a good amount of collected water.  It should also look nice in your yard, and catch all those natural drops of water!


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Make every drop of water count by using a Rain Barrel

After searching out all the costs involved with purchasing this rain barrel, I am convinced that this style is the one for you.  I like that it has a flat back that will nestle the barrel right up against the wall.  It has a large 50 gallon capacity hold and a brass spigot that will double as a hose attachment.  Filling your watering cans from the hose attachment will be much easier than trying to fill it from the top.  Although you can do that as well.  Or you can buy an optional stand for your rain barrel to sit on.

You don’t have to worry about overflow either.  This barrel comes with an overflow that faces opposite to the wall that it is resting against.  Overflow will run into your yard and not running down close to the foundation of your home.  If you want more than one barrel, you can “link” them together for more water savings.  There is a screen covering the top helping to keep insects out and the rain barrel safe around children and pets.

The other thing I really like is that it comes in a variety of colours.  From an authentic barrel look in Black, to Brown, Tan or Green, the colour choice is yours.  You can match or contrast with your homes outer décor or if it doesn’t matter, pick the colour you like the best.

RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel with Brass Spigot, Brown

I am almost sure that you will enjoy having this rain barrel as part of your garden tools.  Not only will it ensure that you have fresh water for all your plants and planters, but it will help to cut down on the costs of watering from the hose.  It will also give your plants water without all the chemicals, so your plants will be much happier. If you have a small pond or bird bath, filling that with rain water will also make the birds happy too!

Doing your part in keeping Mother Earth happy has never been so easy.  Get one or two Rain Barrels and you will be on your way to making a much smaller footprint on the world.  That is a win-win situation for everyone.

Rain Barrels should not be overlooked as a great addition to your garden where ever you live.


The Best Rain Barrel
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The Best Rain Barrel
Rain Barrels are Earth Friendly. They will be and added tool in the arsenal of all gardeners who want to make a smaller footprint on the earth. They will also help you save money when it comes to watering your plants and potted gardens.
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  1. Virginia Allain

    I’ve been wanting one. The flat back is a nice feature. I’d probably want the legs to raise it up.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Me too! Lifting it up just a bit makes it so much easier to get at the spigot without bending so much. The flat back is a super bonus, as it will snug right up to the wall, and it will not overflow back against your home either. Both of these are important points. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Sgolis

    That is a nice-looking rain barrel. Plus the hose attachment is a plus. I know 50 gallons fills up fast, it is good to have them on wheels so you can move one and fill the other one quickly if needed.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Susan this one can be linked with another if need be. Overflow goes into the second barrel. Yes 50 gallons sounds like a lot, but really isn’t. I’m looking to get at least 2 in my yard. Right now I have about a 20 gallon container catching my rain, so 50 gallons would be an upgrade.

  3. dawn rae

    Rain barrel and rain gutters are on my list of things to have for the shack!

    1. GrammieOlivia

      They are a great investment for your home or your shack! I hope someone sees your post and gets you one for your next birthday or other event in your life.

  4. Sandy KS

    I need to get me two rain barrels for my home. As It floors out my front and back door.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Sandy, get one to start with and then when you see how well it works, get the second one. I have a second on my list of wants, as they link up so that you have twice as much water saved for those dry spells. It’s a great time of year to have one too!

  5. Cynthia

    During our driest summer months, I would love to have rain water collected to avoid paying for large quantities of water. Things like washing cars or watering the grass can get pretty expensive in our area simply because they use (seemingly even waste) a lot of water.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      I hear you Cynthia, I like my rain barrel, because I use the water for my greenhouse. It does make a difference to the seedlings that I am growing and makes a difference on my water bill too!

  6. Susan

    A rain barrel is something I really want. Wish I would have had it yesterday – it would be well on its way to filling up today! Thanks for choosing a good one, Olivia.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Susan don’t look back, look forward, get that rain barrel and you will be ready for the next rainy day. They are worth their weight in gold and really do make a difference in the environment.

  7. Barbara Radisavljevic

    That does look like a great solution to collecting rain.

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Yes, Barbara especially if you are in a dry area. You can link these barrels together two or three barrels and have quite a bit of water for your gardens.

  8. Candy Dorsey

    I think rain barrels are a great idea. More than one around your house is even better!

    1. GrammieOlivia

      I agree wholeheartedly. Start with one and then add another and another…..

  9. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Remember to give the bees a safe place to drink too! They need a shallow area with some pebbles or marbles to stand on, so they won’t fall in 🙂

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Actually you can do that over the screen, place some pebbles over that area, so the bees can in fact get a drink too! Great idea!

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