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Basic Information for Newbie Gardeners, What you Need to Know!

Basic Information for Newbie Gardeners, What you Need to Know!

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Pretty Primulas or Primroses Beautiful Early Bloomers.


Gardeners work hand in hand with  Mother Nature to create the most pleasing results.

So many ways to learn what you don’t know already!

Now if you are new to this wonderful hobby of gardening there are some things that you will need to learn.  They are the basics and not too difficult at all.  Most are common sense and learned by watching other gardeners.  The rest of the garden knowledge comes from experience, advice, experimentation and trial and error.

Start with the Basics in the Garden!

Another good place to start is with some gardening books that are dedicated to your growing area.  So you need to find out what growing area you are living in first and then focus on the area where you live.  There is no point in trying to grow palm trees in Buffalo!

Growing some Medicinal Herbs is a great start. Many are very easy to grow and you can use them for your own herbal teas and creams.

Satisfaction comes in small steps forward and growing herbs would be a great first step.  Many herbs can be used in the kitchen to flavor your dinners as well.

Going for a tour of your neighborhood would also be a great way to find out what grows well in your own neck of the woods.  I would suggest a tour of a local greenhouse, a conservation area, or a Botanical Garden in your neighborhood, would also be a great weekend adventure and help you learn some of the plants that are growing.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Most gardeners love to talk about their own gardening space.  So if you see a garden that grabs your eyes, look for someone working and ask them about their garden.  They will be more than pleased to share information with you and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Local Greenhouses and Conservation Areas are great places to learn how to Garden.

If there are people who are working or volunteering in these areas, don’t be afraid to ask questions. They are there to help you not only enjoy what you are seeing, but also with information pertaining to what is there! It could be a flower, a green plant, a bush, or anything else that is planted in the ground.

With everyone having cell phones today, it is really easy to take pictures of plants that you see growing and then you can find out what they are later.  Or if you know what it is, make a note of it.  Then when you are home or at the computer, you can find out more about that particular plant.

Beginnings…..In the Garden

When you have decided to give gardening a go, you need to figure out where you are going to be doing this. Will you be an indoor gardener, or do you have a patch of ground that you want to turn into a garden?  Are you an apartment dweller or do you have some space to work in?  Answering  these questions  will help you begin on the right foot.  If you are totally new to gardening, I might suggest that your first year should  be spent with container gardens.  Unless your vegetable beds are already in place, containers would be the best place to start.  Container gardening doesn’t require as much upkeep and daily maintenance to yield some results.

Your garden will require sunshine, water and nutrients, in order to grow well.  Summer months are always great times to grow vegetables and flowers.  You may start with a patio tomato and some marigolds.  The tomatoes will grow wonderfully in pots and the marigolds will help to keep pests away and look pretty too.

Container gardens tend to need more watering than those planted in the ground.  You need to look for signs that they are wilting and then you need to water them.  Putting your plants on a regular fertilizer schedule will help them grow big and strong.  They should also bear fruit for you too.

Talk to the Experts, Join a Garden Club.

Join a garden club and talk to the people there.  Asking for advice is always a good way to learn.  Gardening clubs are also very nice ways to make new friends.

Once you have settled all your concerns and decided to do some home growing, now settle in and take care of your plants.  Regular watering and feeding will result in a bumper crop for sure.  Just imagine your first Bacon Tomato and lettuce sandwich.  Made of course with your own tomatoes!  You will never look back.  Stay tuned to GrammieO’s Newsletter there will be continuing help for Newbie Gardeners coming up soon.



Enjoy home made Pannini with your own home grown tomatoes and you will always remember the first time you started gardening and feasting on your results.  It’s a wonderful feeling to eat fresh from your own little garden.


  1. Sam Monaco

    Great information Olivia to get started. I’m going to try some container gardening this year since my yard is too small. I’ve always wondered why my Plam trees never grew here in Western NY 🙂

    1. GrammieOlivia

      Good luck with that Sam. I am trying container gardening this year for the first time in a long time. We are moving to an apartment on the 18th floor facing south west….should be great for container gardening, but not so great in the winter months. I can’t grow Palm trees here either….

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