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Baby Gifts for Safety and Security (Part 2)

baby's car seat

A great place to take a little nap.




Travelling with the new baby is probably one of the first things you will be doing, unless you have had your baby at home.  Hospitals now insist that parents bring their babies home in a standardized backward facing car seat with  a five point harness to completely keep their baby safely contained within the seat.  Not only has this been proven to be the safest way to travel with baby, but it is also the only way to secure them within the car.  So first on the list of theings new parents will need, is that Approved Safety Seat for their newest bundle of joy.  What a great gift for the new grandparents or godparents to give to their growing family.


The beauty of these car seats is that if you get a really good one, it will last for a long time, and be able to “grow” with the baby.

I have seen my own grandson (the first one) become so comfortable in his “seat” that once ensconced in it, the baby relaxed knowing that he was safe and secure.  The parents also became much more comfortable travelling on the roads, with the baby fully and safely bundled up in his car seat.
Graco MyRide 65 Convertible Car Seat, Nico

This easy to install car seat has a high rating for ease of use as well as the “Safety” Features.

For travelling with babies, this is a must have!

When mom, dad and baby are all on board, it’s easy to have one parent sitting in the back seat with the baby, just in case they start to fuss.  But what do you do when you are the driver and baby is in the back seat facing the rear?  You can’t see them without taking your eyes off the road and that is a hazard no one wants.  So here is the second item you will need and it is a small item that will make all the difference for you when you are alone in the car with the baby…..
2014 LATEST Baby & Mom Back Seat Rear View Baby Mirror – Adjustable Convex Baby Safety Mirror – Larger Angle allows Full Sight of Rear Facing Infant Car Seat – Lightweight with High Quality Shatterproof Glass – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Now watching the baby is easy peasey and you need not turn around to see what is going on. If you do see something amiss, you exit the roadway, so that you can get out and deal with whatever problem is happening. This little item will make you so much more relaxed because you can see baby and talk to him/her.

On the road with baby brings up another problem and that is too much sun getting into the windows and burning babies’ skin. We all know that the sun can cause major damage and with baby even more so. Their skin is very tender and prone to sunburn in very short order. To prepare for this there are window screens that can be applied so that the sun does not beat down on babies’ skin at all. Driver and baby can watch through the screens to see the passing views, but the sun is blocked to spare babies’ skin and eyes from the sun’s glare.

Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades, 2-Pack (Black)

One last item to share with you, as many of you are aware, just notifying other drivers that there is a baby on board, may make them slow down a little bit, or go around your car, if they are in a hurry….A simple yellow caution sign can make a big difference.

Safety 1st 0010200 Baby on Board Sign

These safety suggestions are meant to make it easier for the parents and much easier for the baby to be in the car and doing all those wonderful trips and visits with family and friends…..
Don’t let the fear of driving with a baby keep you from enjoying all the wonderful interactions that are possible when you go out to visit….

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