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Name: Olivia Morris
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GrammieO is a life long learner, teacher and friend to her four wonderful grandchildren. She has always loved playing and watching her three children grow up to be wonderful and enthusiastic parents themselves. Life is good.

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Oct 31

Fantastic Winter Fun Stomping in the Snow

Snow and Winter are about to make their appearance, can you see yourself stomping in the Snow? Hopefully, you can imagine the fun that can be had in the winter months, rather than the cold.  Winter is with us for at least two to three months.  It’s time to learn to make the best out of …

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Aug 19

Beautiful Skin Care Made Easy

Extended! Sun-kissed sale up to 50% OFF! No code necessary. Valid 08/17 – 08/19 August’s Most wanted gift FREE with any $50 purchase & BONUS gift with $100 purchase! Use code: AOUT. Valid 08/17 – 08/19 Limited Edition Sets, NOW ON SALE! Up to 30% OFF! No code necessary. Valid 08/17 – 08/19

Aug 16

Totally Fabulous Home Decor All the Time!

I love   Now we have a Wayfair here in Canada!  We now have all  these choices. Going for a holiday down south to bring back what I want or need for my little nest, was impossible. Now you don’t have to think about that any more! I know, I used to have a problem being green with envy, …

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Aug 11

Maintaining your Beautiful Summer Skin with L’Occitane

Skin care sometimes takes a back seat to everything else that is happening in the summer. Beautiful Skin needs to be pampered right through the summer months. That should  be the case……Skin is with us 24/7 and it does not ask too much of us on a daily basis. If you wash your face and cleanse …

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Aug 10

Fun Comes in Wonderful, Colourful, Lego Sets

Can we all say that I love Lego Characters and Lego Sets? What is it about these little characters that just makes me smile? Each one is different and each one comes with his/her own accessories. I don’t know any little fingers that would not enjoy playing with these characters. They are just so darned …

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Jul 08

Summertime Grow and Preserve It!

Summer’s Bounty Time to Preserve it! It’s Summertime and the growing is perfect.  All the berries, herbs and spices, fruits and everything else is just coming into it’s own.  It is  the perfect time to have all the tools and necessities to make all of those preserves, herb infusions, flavored oils and all those good …

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Jun 29

Flowers, Caterpillars and Butterflies All Around Us!

So Where do you think you could find Caterpillars and Butterflies? If you stop and look, you will see caterpillars crawling aroung plants and leaves.  Butterflies on the other hand, are amazing creatures flitting through the air on wings that are delicate and yet can withstand the winds that are happening around us daily.  Many …

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Jun 25

Critical and Important Information for Bloggers

Blogging for fun and for profit is possible with the right information at your fingertips, it will be easier to get started on the right foot! Starting on June 27th, you can purchase an amazing Library of Products to help you through all the “things you need to do” to make your blogging experience the …

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Jun 07

Happy Grandfather’s Day too!

Father’s Day isn’t just for DAD‘s it’s also for those Fathers who are also Grandfathers! Grandfather’s sometimes get lost in the shuffle. But truth be known, they shouldn’t be! Father’s Day is that one day in the year where we celebrate all the men who have had an impact on our lives. The men who …

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May 13

Summer Hats for Style and much more!

****UPDATE***** May 18, 2016 Today on the news it was reported that most Sunscreens that claim 30 SPF( sun protection factor)  OR MORE do NOT offer the protection claimed.  Making Hats an essential addition to your sun protection regiment.  Be safe not sorry!     Summer Hats a Necessary Item or Not? Summer Hats are …

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