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e-Readers and other Special Items

E-Readers and Special Items



On just about everyone’s wish list this Christmas I am sure you will find someone in your family who is just wanting an e-reader or tablet.


The problem arises when you try to figure out which e-reader to purchase.


Kindle is the brand associated with Amazon and has many different models available.  Purchasing e-books to go with the Kindle is fast and easy as well.  There are several different price points to make it fit into your Christmas budget.


Kobo is another type of reader and it too has many different models available.   Kobo readers are related to Chapters Indigo Books.


Nook tablets and readers are largely associated with Barnes and Noble Bookstores.


It seems that everyone has a reader that is their “favourite”.


How do you decide which kind of reader to get?  What are the options that you should be looking at?  What features makes one tablet/reader better than another one?


These are all good questions and you should look out for the answers before you buy.  Grammieknows that there are a host of different ones available in all sizes and colours.  But what makes one better than another?


In order to help you make a better informed decision, Grammie went about doing some searching for you! Take a look at the links below, go through them at your leisure and then make the decision with full knowledge of what you are buying and if it is a good fit for your particular situation.






These two sites will take you through a basic comparison of the different brands of electronic readers that are available and the pros and cons of each different type.  Do a little research and then buy the one that fits  your specific needs.  A little information is a valuable tool.


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