Family History, the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful
Have you ever thought of making or studying your family history?  It’s an amazing trip through time and generations.  A great way to find where your “roots” are and how things over the years have changed.  This article will walk you through how my family did just that and how you can too!
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Grammie O’s Ultimate Guide, Colorful Baby Floor Mats

Decorating A Babies Room from the Floor Up!  Colorful Baby Floor Mats are all the Rage!   Both babies and young children love to have a space to call their own.  I doesn’t matter how large or how small the space is, the important thing is that it is Theirs! Making that space a lovely …

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Learing is so much fun.

No more Struggles, Learning is so Much Fun

Children are like sponges, they want to learn about everything around them and they are boundless in their energy!  Harness that energy and help make learning for them so much fun.  It’s easy with the right tools. What’s so special about ABC Mouse? Children love books, ABC’s and 1,2,3’s, rhyming songs and games, all of …

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Comfortable and Fashionable Clothes For the Younger Set

Mothers and Fathers all over the town are always looking for ways to keep their children looking really neat and still letting them be comfortable at the same time. How is this accomplished you might ask?  Well let me tell you from experience with my own children and my grandchildren. Kids love to play, most …

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Toys for the whole family

Grammieknows that there are a host of games out there for the whole family.  What’s nice is that there are so many choices. There are the traditional games that have been around for years and they are still great ways to have fun.  Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Operation, Clue, Trouble are all wonderful board games …

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