Jul 28

Can Anyone Say SWOON!

Having grown up on the early 60’s and 70’s bands, I can honestly say that one of my favorite singers had to be Elvis Presley.

If I close my eyes, and listen to him sing “Love me tender, Love me true, all my dreams fulfilled” I still get that soft woozy feeling in the pit of my stomach and the soft sway of the music subtracts all the years that have since passed. I am a teenager again, and my heart is just filled with the sound of his voice. It’s like he’s singing to me and to me alone. Even though this song was first recorded in 1956, it still played on the radio in the 60’s and 70’s and beyond.


I dare say I’m not alone. I know several friends who just couldn’t get enough of his wonderful love songs. I’m sure that if you ask anyone what songs were played at their weddings, there would have to be at least one or two of Elvis’ songs in there.

Either the Hawaiian Wedding Song or Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, were wedding song favorites for years. His melodic voice and the feeling that he put into the words made everyone who whispered these songs into their loved ones ears, feel that it was being sung for them and them alone!


Blue Spanish Eyes made everyone wish they had just a little Latin in their own blood. He managed to appeal to almost all women, wherever, they were in their lives and at that time. It didn’t take much imagination to see him singing his heart out to you personally. You could be at a concert with thousands of screaming fans, and still feel him touch your heart, like it was the only one in the room.

Elvis had a magic in his voice and in the way he sang that was a true gift, one that we haven’t seen the likes of since and I doubt we will ever see again.

I still miss him and his wonderful deep voice singing to me and only me!

Elvis was on the top of many billboard charts for many years, it didn’t matter who wrote the song, so long as Elvis delivered it!

Maybe this is part of what made Elvis so great, he had a spirituality about him, that transcended the music industry and touched people’s hearts.

All of the best is right here, you can’t do without this compilation of songs.

This has to be my personal favorite, I just close my eyes and the words are sung to me!

Part of Elvis’ spiritual side and it’s wonderful to listen to as well.

If Elvis asked me to Kiss Him Quick, you can bet I wouldn’t wait for a second invitation.

His songs are so varied and every one of them delivered with that same silky voice. I’ll never have too much of hearing him sing.

Sung from the heart and probably addressed to the love of his life, who didn’t stay around , I think he always missed Priscilla.

With the vast array of music Elvis sang, which ones are your favorites? Give me your top three! Feel free to list them in your comments!

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