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Christmas Music to Stir the Soul!

Christmas Scene

The true meaning of Christmas

Christmas Music That Stirs the Soul

Christmas Is a Magical Time of Year

Many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season and truly don’t remember or don’t believe in the reason for the season.

I would like to share with you the “Sounds of Music that Stir My Soul” and YES, this is a story about Christmas Music that pertains to the Longing for the Messiah, the Birth of Christ, the Humble Beginnings of a New Life in Christ and all that the Bible teaches us about Our relationship with God and His Annointed One.
Christmas Music to Stir My Soul

If we believe in the message of Christmas, then we must make our actions those of
a people that know there is a Spirit guiding and strengthening us through this life here on earth, to a more perfect life in the world where we will be reunited with the One who created us.

What better way can Our God show himself to us than through the birth of a helpless baby, one that had nothing more than the love of his earthly parents. Not even the roof over his head, the night he was born belonged to him. It was borrowed from the shepherds and the animals in the field.

The most lowly of the people and the lowliest of animals welcomed the Saviour, the Messiah, the Long Awaited Promise, the Prince of Peace.

To Help You Understand The True Story of Christmas – you can read while you listen to melodies that will make you relax and quiet your restlessness.

Our whole bodies are on overload during the Christmas rush to get “everything” ready. In the process, we drive ourselves to distraction, when we should be driving ourselves into a spiritual awakening. Not only can this be a celebration of Christ’s birth, but it could be a celebration of our own re-birth in a spiritual sense.

The True Meaning of Christmas

True Meaning of Christmas
Fulton J. Sheen was a great teacher and biblical scholar, he is down to earth yet speaks eloquently about Christ. In this book he teaches us how to ready our spirit for the coming of the Christ child. Advent to Christmas with a fabulous Spiritual Leader.

Advent Christmas Wisdom Sheen: Daily Scripture and Prayers Together with Sheen’s Own Words

Once you know about Jesus and what his coming means to you, share your new-found or rekindled knowledge with everyone.

The Women of Christmas: Experience the Season Afresh with Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna

Sometimes it’s really nice to see the story as told by the women, it’s a different perspective.

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen: Daily Scripture and Prayers Together with Nouwen’s Own Words

One of my favorite authors, so easy to read, yet the truths he speaks are sometimes hard to hold.

Famous Boys Choir

Boy’s Choir

Czech Boys Choir
Even Christmas Carols can be too much for our weary souls, so
another option for getting into the true Christmas Spirit,
is to let the melodies that we know so well, just bubble up inside of us. We don’t even need the words because we all know the tunes so well.

There are thousands of music scores that speak to the Season of Christmas, and some of them are angelic in their sounds. The Choirs of young male voices from the Czech Boys Choir, or the St. Michaels Choir School, are just that, angelic. But there are many others as well. Grown choirs can sing so beautifully that they can bring a tear to your eyes.

Christmas Music Instrumental for your tired, weary soul. – Instrumentals are wonderful, as they let your spirit soar with the words in your heart.

Christmas with The Vienna Choir Boys and Hermann Prey & Placido Domingo

Who doesn’t love the sounds of instruments played to perfection? One of my favorites is Classical Instrumental Music filled with the sounds of Christmas. But no Frosty the Snowman, or the Grinch, or Charlie Brown’s Christmas for me, give me the beautiful soul stirring music of Christmas hymns any day of the week. Especially during that last rush just before the stores all close.

The Ultimate Relaxation Christmas Album
The title says it all, it is for those days when you really need something to calm your inner turmoil.

The Ultimate Relaxation Christmas Album 2

A little edgier than most, but still very enjoyable. I happen to really like this selection.

A Family Christmas (Deluxe Edition) (CD/DVD)
The Piano Guys are at it again. This is a lovely compilation of music.
A Family Christmas (CD+DVD Deluxe Edition)

We just got this CD, while not instrumental, the nuns voices are so soothing, that I have added them right here.

Advent At Ephesus

When you have had enough of all the running around, the bustle and long line ups,
take a few moments to check out your local places of worship!

I know that in our city, there are many venues to bring you out of the craziness before Christmas and into a space where Peace and well being are central. There are many churches that have amazing choirs and for a nominal donation (usually used to help the needy in some way), you can relax and enjoy a whole evening of music to help revive your drooping spirits. You don’t have to belong to the congregation in order to enjoy the music, but be prepared for a good will offering, as many churches struggle to help the needy, hungry and those who have next to nothing. It is a Christmas present to you, that will keep on giving to someone who has not.

The nuns at Ephesus are just beautiful to listen to. Their voices ring out with such softness and clarity, Beautiful.

Do you take some time to enjoy the real beauty of Christmas? I hope you find the time to search out some of the simpler beauties of the Christmas Season as a gift to yourself. It will be a gift that will last long after Christmas is over. Please leave your comments right here, I promise to reply!

Merry Christmas, God`s Blessings for this Season of Peace to you.

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