Nov 04

Can you believe it? Believe What?

It’s November already!

Personally I can’t believe it!  Here in Canada we have already had our Thanksgiving and all the stores, malls, and everywhere seems to be getting ready for the return of the Jolly Old Man himself.

My friends States side, are just gearing up for their Thanksgiving.  And some of us, right along with them.  After all, who doesn’t love it when family comes to visit?


For parents and grandparents who are starting to think about the upcoming Christmas holidays, I have a little something for you that just might make it more fun.  I know that in the past we have enjoyed setting up one of the uncles (usually the newest member of the family) and whisked them off to a secret room.  Unknown to any of the children, he comes down the stairs fully garbed as the Jolly Rolly Polly Santa that everyone loves.

Not only is he met with cheers and smiles, but the little ones in the lot, just can’t take their eyes off of him.  And because he is the newest member of the family (the little kids don’t know him yet) so they are equally surprised when they know it’s not their father or uncle hiding under the red and white…..

Christmas is a magical time and to help make that magic just a little stronger and reusable from year to year, check out the great Santa costumes.  Have some extra fun with the children over the holidays and take pictures that will make the family smile for a long time to come.

There are many different sizes and price points to suit all your needs.  Just remember that this is one costume that will be coming out of the closet for many years to come!


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