Dec 20

About GrammieO

Grammie O has had a wealth of experience with raising her own three children.  Teaching them to appreciate what is around them and exploring the world we have, has been a joy for her to share.

Now that there are four grandchildren in the picture, GrammieO wants to continue to share her experiences and the joys of learning new things everyday.  It always amazes GrammieO that anyone can be bored with their world, there is just so much happening all the time.  We need to share our love and joy with those around us.

Learning and teaching are just two of the ways that we can engage our children and grandchildren to have fun while they are learning new skills every day.

To help parents with the tools to make learning fun, GrammieO started her website www.grammieknows.ca.  It is filled with wonderful things and different ways to help children learn and have fun while they are learning.  There are so many tools available to make this time in our children’s lives the foundations on which they will build their character, understand their world and most importantly make them see that they are a very important part of the whole picture.

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