Nov 23

Finest Inner Wear Sale: Today Only! Don’t Miss Out!

If you are in the market for some lovely Inner Wear, now is the time to act!

For one day only, today, Wednesday till midnight, you can buy some really beautiful bras for less than half price.  These inner wear fashions normally run in the $60.00 range.  Today and today only they are $19.99!


plus size bras, inner support for curvy ladies, bras at half price or less,

Lovely Inner Wear

PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Shop Daily Deals at! (Valid 11/20 to 11/24)

The time to stock up on Bras is now. These are lovely and can be worn in several different configurations. Sizing from 38C to 44DDD, there should be something here for you. This bra comes in several colors or plain white and black. You really need to check out the website to see all the beauties that are included in this one day sale.

One Day Only! Select Deese Bras at $19! (Valid 11/23 12:00AM-11:59PM EST)

pretty plus size bras, fancy inner wear for plus sizes, colorful inner wear for her

Additionelle Bra Sale One Day Only!

Here you see this bra in the regular over the shoulder straps, but this can be converted into a “cross back” style as well. I love the mauve color and this one also comes in a beautiful blue as well. The shadow stripe just makes it so interesting and sexy.

AdditionElle also has other bras on sale as well.  If you don’t happen to like the striped versions, there are plain ones available too.   I love my lingerie and when I can get it on sale I like it even better.  So you know that I will be shopping for some new inner wear for myself.  I don’t want you to miss out!

Use the links in this article(in blue) and you will be taken to the website where you can peruse at  your leisure.  Well not too long, after all, the sale is over at 11:59 tonight.  But a few hours should do the trick.  I bet you will find some pretty additions to your inner wear wardrobe.


inner wear, plus size bras, lovely lingerie for her

Flash Sale Today Only

Nov 22

One Day Sale on Plus Size Bottoms

As Promised, today I bring you additional savings for Pre-Black Friday on Plus Size bottoms by Additionelle!

There can never be too many pairs of bottoms in any woman’s closet.  But if you are in need of some new duds, today is the day.  Amazing leggings at $29.00 from selected styles offered by Additionelle.

These bottoms are stylish with accents that are rarely seen in the Plus size domain.  Leggings with beautiful leather-like accents that give any outfit a modern, edgy feel.  Comfortably cut, so that there is no pulling, these leggings are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

One Day Only! Select Bottoms at $29! (Valid 11/22 12:00AM-11:59PM EST)

Canadian Women love to have fashion available to them that fits well, looks incredible and has great wearability. These bottoms will fit that bill perfectly. Add a beautiful top or sweater and you are ready to make your entrance into any situation.

The Perfect Leggings

Curvy ladies love to have the nicest of outfits, yet they want to be comfortable and carefree in their look too! These leggings are so well made and look incredible that I know you will have a hard time deciding which one to get. At these prices, you can get more than one. Decision making made easy with several styles to choose from. Treat yourself to some new bottoms that you know you will wear over and over again.

fancy leggings for plus size, plus size bottoms for her, plus sized bottoms additionelle

Leggings for Your Wardrobe


Pre-Blck Friday Specials



Every day this week there are specials for your shopping pleasure. Specials are available for one day only! Today is the day for leggings and other selected bottoms, tomorrow brings you some wonderful inner fashions. Intimates to make you feel your best from the inside out!

Come back often to see what’s new for the curvy lady who really enjoys having some wonderful choices for her daily appearance. Sign up for the newsletter and never miss out on another update. No spamming will ever be sent from me, only interesting and useful information with easy unsubscribes as well. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nov 21

Don’t Miss This: Fantastic Winter Sweaters on Sale Today Only

Winter Sweaters are a Must Have!

Don’t miss out on these winter sweater specials!  It’s an Early Black Friday Special just for you with more to come tomorrow and Wednesday……These are specials that you really don’t want to miss out on.

One Day Only! Select Sweaters at $39! (Valid 11/21 12:00AM-11:59PM EST)


plus sized sweaters for her, additionelle sweater sale, must have sweaters plus size

Monday Specials on Sweater at Additionelle

I am so pleased to bring my Canadian friends the lovely things available from Additionelle.  I am always so pleased with their products.  This is a sale that you really should not miss……so many styles and colors available.

On Sale Tomorrow

Tomorrow there will be another set of sales just for you!  It’s a great time to fill out what your wardrobe is missing.  You know the “holiday” parties will start soon, if they haven’t begun already.  Bottoms will be featured on Tuesday (tomorrow) at the great price of $29.00.  Those who shop early will have first take at all the sizes. I will post another link for you tomorrow so that you can take full advantage of this incredible offer.

Wednesday Specials

Then hold onto your hats, Wednesday you will be able to purchase innerwear. Bras from Deese will be available for $19.00. You cannot beat this for a great price for foundation garments that are made for you! Plus Size ladies deserve the nicest and best fitting undergarments at reasonable prices. These are reasonable in my books. I have been known to pay so much more than this for one good bra.

I cannot share the links with you for the pants and bras until Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. But you can sign up for my newsletter and then I will automatically send you the updates for your benefit. It’s a win-win proposition and I will never use your email for anything other than a great sale that you really should not miss out on.

Nov 20

7 Ways to Awaken the Christmas Spirit in Children

When it comes to Christmas children are already in the spirit right after Thanksgiving ends.  But for Christian children, there are ways to awaken the true Spirit of the Season, the spirit of loving and of giving.

We all know about the gift giving and receiving part of Christmas, but how many chances are there for families to open the hearts of their children to that true mystery of the First Christmas that happened 2000 or so years ago?  I’d like to say that there are many ways to do that, but we need all the help we can get!

Children try to understand the true meaning of the Season

Children by nature are very spiritual beings.  They believe many things without having to see them.  Take the story of Santa Claus, they are very quick to believe it because from their earliest days Mom and Dad have said it’s so.
My Seven Ways to Awaken the Spirit of the Season are:
1. Clean out their toys and put some aside for the local shelter.
2. Let them help decorate the home for the Season.
3. Let them have a special place in their rooms to decorate.
4. Get or make an Advent Calendar.
5. Read to them about the true meaning of the Season.
6. Tell stories about your childhood Christmases.
7. Watch some really good classic Christmas movies.

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If Mom and Dad also took the time to tell them the true meaning of Christmas they would also believe that too!  Why?  Simple, because mom and dad love them and would not want anything but the best for them.

learning the meaning of christmas, children learning about Jesus, the true Christmas story

The True Meaning of Christmas

Sometimes it’s easier for parents to emphasize the gift giving part of the Season.  It’s all around them and they hear it everywhere.  Songs, TV specials, Shopping Malls and the like make it easy to fill that need or want.  Sometimes it’s for selfish reasons that we promote that kind of thinking too.  “You better be nice, Santa is watching you!” or “If you don’t behave, you will get a lump of coal in your stocking!” These are self-serving sentiments that parents usually use to get the children to behave. How about teaching them the true meaning instead?

The Christmas Story

Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the “popular” stories surrounding Christmas time, but there are also stories that retell in children’s language the true meaning of the Season.  We would be remiss as parents if we didn’t allow our children to hear all the stories around this most beautiful time of year.

Nativity Stories and Nativity Movies


Children not only love stories to be read to them, they also enjoy movies and DVDs about Christmas. Secretly, I think the parents and grandparents enjoy these just as much as their children. I know I get a lump in my throat every time I see the Miracle on 34th street and I love the Grinch who tried to stop Christmas from coming. These are classic tales that fit right into the spirit of the season and should not be dismissed. They are a great opportunity for parents to teach their children that Christmas is not all about getting presents and more presents. It is an opportune time to teach them to give as well. Children are very astute and love to give. Make that an important part of their Christmas too! It is the sharing of ourselves that becomes the gift.

Between the movies and the books, there is lots of food for thought and plenty of fun for the whole family. Every Christmas story can be shared with the ones you love. Children will want to see them more than once, and I’m sure that parents won’t mind seeing them again either. Let the joy of Christmas fill the home, with song, laughter, and sights that will surely make everyone sit up and taken notice.

Oct 31

Fantastic Winter Fun Stomping in the Snow

Snow and Winter are about to make their appearance, can you see yourself stomping in the Snow?

Hopefully, you can imagine the fun that can be had in the winter months, rather than the cold.  Winter is with us for at least two to three months.  It’s time to learn to make the best out of it and have fun.

snow stompers, tobogganing, winter fun

Fresh Snow, a Great Time to Play

Toys for Snow

I can’t imagine more fun than these “SNOW STOMPERS”!

Ideal Sno-Stompers Strap-On Animal Snow Print Shoes, Assorted Bear and Dinosaur Print Molds

Strap these onto your boots to make whatever time you spend outdoors the most fun you can have.  Kids will absolutely have a blast pretending that they are dinosaurs or bears! They just need to look back at the tracks they leave left behind.

Snow Stompers will give the children in your house a reason to go outdoors. Stomping through the snow  and  leaving funny footprints behind is fun.  Playing in the winter snows is fun and this just adds some excitement for them.

Can you imagine the looks people will have?   They will find bear or dinosaur footprints on their walks past your home.  Better yet, if they have their own Snow Stompers, there could be a herd of dinosaurs or bears in your neighborhood.

Sledding or Toboggans, Great Fun.

Take them to the local school grounds, let the kids go wild with their Stompers.  Running through the playground, leaving tracks wherever they go will have other children wondering what is happening.  What fun, especially after a fresh snowfall.

Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled, 35-Inch, Red
Dragging them to the park or school grounds with their Snow stompers attached to their boots will be child’s play with this easy glide toboggan. Then, you get to your destination and let the animals (children) run. No tracks lead to the park or school grounds, yet there in the middle of the fresh snow are tracks that will have everyone wondering. What great fun for the winter time!

Aug 19

Beautiful Skin Care Made Easy

Extended! Sun-kissed sale up to 50% OFF! No code necessary. Valid 08/17 – 08/19

August’s Most wanted gift FREE with any $50 purchase & BONUS gift with $100 purchase! Use code: AOUT. Valid 08/17 – 08/19

Limited Edition Sets, NOW ON SALE! Up to 30% OFF! No code necessary. Valid 08/17 – 08/19

Aug 16

Totally Fabulous Home Decor All the Time!

I love   Now we have a Wayfair here in Canada!  We now have all  these choices. Going for a holiday down south to bring back what I want or need for my little nest, was impossible. Now you don’t have to think about that any more! I know, I used to have a problem being green with envy, over my southern friends, Not anymore.

Let me Introduce you to Wayfair.Canada!

That envy is now a thing of the Past.  You no longer have to look at magazines and TV ads wondering where to find the interesting things you see in the media.  You can browse for these  things at your hearts content.  You  know that you can have those things too. You can shop at and not have to worry about shipping, duties, and the like. Home furnishings and all the wonderful items that make your home special can be purchased through  You can browse at your leisure, and in the convenience of your own home.

You don’t  have to wait for that day when you can make that trip across the border and stay for 48 hours at least, before you can bring back your heart’s desires. Isn’t that great?

Haven’t heard of  Wayfair?  What’s there for me?

Wayfair has been a leading home decor store for many years.  The Whole Home notion can be seen right now in the products that Wayfair offers.  Not only do they have home furnishings that are just beautiful, but they have all those little items that just make the room complete and your decor “pop”, like the designers.

You will find, the perfect side table, with a vase and a picture to place on the wall to finish off the room and make it complete.   Those hard to find accessories are right here, just waiting for you.

Truly, you can and you will enjoy yourself while you are browsing for all those beautiful possibilities for your home.

What’s In Store?

Besides beautiful furniture, you will find, pillows, lighting, throws, tables and chairs, rugs and wall art.  Clocks and every kind of accessory that your heart desires.  Drawer pulls, faucets and sinks, childrens’  rooms, things for your teenager  and things for you, there is everything that you could possibly need right here and you can always keep your eyes on the sale prices too.

home decor, designer looks, accessories

From Modern to Traditional you will find everything you want at Wayfair.


Redecorating has never been easier, Wayfair can lead you through all the steps to make a room look like it was just in the Latest Home Decor magazine,  and it all comes to your door.


home decor, designer looks, details

Everything you can Imagine is available at


****Grammie O is an affiliate of and will receive a small compensation if you click on the links.****


Pictures in this article are courtesy of




Aug 11

Maintaining your Beautiful Summer Skin with L’Occitane

Skin care sometimes takes a back seat to everything else that is happening in the summer. Beautiful Skin needs to be pampered right through the summer months.

That should  be the case……Skin is with us 24/7 and it does not ask too much of us on a daily basis.

L'Occitane Cremes for beautiful skin.

Beautiful Skin is available to everyone. L’Occitane Bonus just for You.

If you wash your face and cleanse your skin in the morning, most of the time you are good to go. No questions asked. But in the summer months with days of heat, humidity  and many days of no rain or any other respite from the heat, our skin may start to become less than perfect. Don’t Let this Happen to YOU!]

L’Occitane has prepared a special just for you.  Buy any items for $50.00 and receive free a trio of hand cremes.

This weekend only! Your FREE Mini hand cream trio with any $50 purchase! Use code: JOLIES Valid 08/12 – 08/14

FREE Shipping on ALL our Best-sellers! No code necessary. Valid 08/11 – 09/05

L’Occtaine creams and lotions are of the highest quality that anyone could want. With a reputation for quality lotions, I know that you will find what you want,  right here.

And there is no better time to get what you need. Until this weekend, you will receive a three Mini Hand Cream Assortment with any $50.00 purchase. Think about this… with any $50.00 purchase a mini hand cream trio.

That would wonderful to put away for that trip in the coldest months of the year. Heading down south and being prepared is just so wonderful.  L’Occitane Canada” wants you to relish in the trio of creams it has prepared,  for a bonus. Pack this into your suitcase before your travel south and you will be amazed at how you did without these cremes for so long. L’Occitane, will be so happy to know what your reactions to these cremes are. Try them now and put the bonus away for your trip down south and then…….when your skin is needing some attention, let it have the secret that you have kept hiding until the perfect time. L’Occitane trio of skin creams will have your skin radiant and beautiful regardless of what the weather stations say.


L'Occitane, creams make you look radiant

Skin that has been loved and cared for.

Turn heads with the beautiful you, lustrous and boasting a beautiful glow from skin that is loved well. From your head to your toes, you will be the goddess of all things beautiful……..



Aug 10

Fun Comes in Wonderful, Colourful, Lego Sets

lego building sets, young children, grow and learn.

I love Lego!

Can we all say that I love Lego Characters and Lego Sets?

What is it about these little characters that just makes me smile? Each one is different and each one comes with his/her own accessories. I don’t know any little fingers that would not enjoy playing with these characters. They are just so darned cute.


Little fingers love to play with colourful characters that they can build. With just a few Lego pieces, they have a character that comes with some extra little props.  Little Lego People just make me so happy. You can never have enough of them either.

Lego Sets for young builders!

 Kids love to play with their imaginations and their hands as well.  Lego is the winning combination for a toy with great Playability and Creativity. There is no other toy around that endures like Lego.  They also have stayed with the times by offering more colors of blocks, and heaven forbid, they now make lots of sets for Girls too!  They have modernized the colours of the bricks as well.  Not just green, red, yellow, black and blue.  Now they come in pink and purple, orange and lime green and many other colours as well.

What’s so Great about These Sets?

For anyone who has children,  Lego Sets offer children the ability to use their fine motor skills and their perceptions to make a predetermined scene.  The beauty though,  is once the scene has been created, it can either remain that way or it can be broken down and made in the child’s own fashion.  There are no hard and fast rules, just guidelines to help you make the set as pictured on the box.


Lego Play Sets are so much fun to build

Friends enjoy each other’s company.


There is no other toy that has endured for many years and has won hundreds of accolades from many parenting magazines for several different reasons.  It was named the Toy of the Century in 1999 and has won awards every year since.  It always ranks as one of the most wanted toys on any child’s wish list.

Lego has so many different price points, that any child who really wants Lego for a gift should be able to get what they want.  Prices range from $3.99 and up to whatever your pocketbook will allow.  Bookmark this page and come back  often as you will find new sets featured that can be added onto sets that your child already has.  It will be a great way to encourage playing, learning, having fun and using their hands as well.

LEGO Canada

Jul 08

Summertime Grow and Preserve It!

It’s Summertime and the growing is perfect.  All the berries, herbs and spices, fruits and everything else is just coming into it’s own.  It is  the perfect time to have all the tools and necessities to make all of those preserves, herb infusions, flavored oils and all those good things that come out of your garden.

Grow and Make - Crafting Kits for Every Occasion

GrammieO’s Newsletter Grow and Make Kits for your and your Family

Once the picking starts, there will be no time to run around getting all the needed jars, lids, waxes and extras that you know you should have ordered to have on hand. Stop what you are doing right now, and order your supplies, so that when the bumper crop of goodies comes in from the garden, you are ready and able to use every last hand picked fruits and vegetables, or herbs and flowers to make all the wonderful preserves, pickles, lotions and potions, herb bouquets and oils that you have always wanted to make.

Grow and Make has you covered. They specialize in all those things that you need to make all kinds of good things. Natural ingredients from your garden or from the local farmers’ markets will be readily turned into prized gifts ready when the next occasion presents itself.

You can get kits to make your own wine, beer, sodas, and other healthy alternatives. You can get kits to make soaps and candles, lip balms and bath salts.  The kits themselves make a great gift.  Everything you need to complete a project is included.   How about learning to preserve all the goodness from your garden. Grow and Make has you covered for all of these and more. I love that the founder of Grow and Make is committed to helping people learn about sustainability and making people realize their own potential in the DIY market. Just check out the video and you will understand.

The other part that I like about Grow and Make, is that it is not limited by what they can provide, if you have a recipe of your own that you want to make, that’s okay too. All your jars, or sprays or forms are still available for your convenience.

Today is a great day to start preparing for the abundance that will be coming out of your garden in the next two months. Be ready to start that new hobby, or try your hand at candle making, preserves and pickles, or make your own cheese even. Try something new, you will be pleased and I know your friends and family will enjoy the fruits of your labor in the homemade gifts you will surely lavish on them.  Grow and Make is available to all of the 50 States and Canada as well.  So Canadian Do-it-yourselfers…..jump on board, have some fun and make something wonderful.

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