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Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy

How to Make Outdoor Entertaining Easy 

Your outdoor space says a lot about how you relax and enjoy your “downtime”.  Everyone works hard at their jobs and when you come home, you just want to relax and enjoy your home indoors and outdoors too.  Summer months are the best time to make outdoor entertaining real easy.  The days are longer, sunshine lasts on the average about 14 hours and with some easy outdoor lighting, you can make that day last a little longer.  

outdoor entertaining made easy

Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy and Comfortable


Start with Comfortable Seating in the Patio

When inviting friends and family to enjoy your space, it’s always nice to have a comfortable spot to have those conversations that reconnect us.  Might I suggest that the new outdoor furniture is a great place to start and it doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Affordable and weather resistant, these patio “living rooms” make a really nice place to relax and enjoy.

Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Furniture

Two Chairs and a Loveseat with a coffee table to share between them makes a perfect spot for an evening outdoors.  The coffee table will double as a resting place for your beer or wine glass too.

What else do you need?

Add some fairy lights to add a little bit of extra time to spend in the garden after the sun goes down.  These are so pretty and really add just a little bit of magic to the evening atmosphere. Plus you just never know when those fairies are going to come out to join the party.

outdoor entertaining made easy

Lighting to make evening entertaining even better.

GRDE® Solar Powered Crystal Water Drop String Light , 20 LED 15.75ft Waterproof Fairy Ambiance Lighting for Outdoor, Gardens Patio Homes Wedding Christmas Party (Multicolor)

If Fairy lights are not to your liking and you want something a little more outdoorsy, you could also do some Tiki Torches around the Patio area.  The fire will tend to help keep some of the bugs at bay.  Just remember to extinguish them after your company has left!




outdoor entertaining made easy
TIKI 1112155 Stone Resin 4 in 1 Multi Use Torch

Which ever way you choose to decorate your outdoor space, once you have it done, you will be using it much more frequently. Outdoor Entertaining will be so much fun once you have your patio all set up. You will make use of it daily and with summer just beginning, now is the time to start setting up your outdoor space.




Remember that you make memories when you spend time with friends and family.  Spending that time in your lovely outdoor patio, will make memories that last for a lifetime.  Enjoy!

Mar 01

Basic Information for Newbie Gardeners, What you Need to Know!

Basic Information for Newbie Gardeners, What you Need to Know!

newbie gardeners, tips for new gardeners, pretty flowers for new gardeners

Pretty Primulas or Primroses Beautiful Early Bloomers.


Gardeners work hand in hand with  Mother Nature to create the most pleasing results.

So many ways to learn what you don’t know already!

Now if you are new to this wonderful hobby of gardening there are some things that you will need to learn.  They are the basics and not too difficult at all.  Most are common sense and learned by watching other gardeners.  The rest of the garden knowledge comes from experience, advice, experimentation and trial and error.

Start with the Basics in the Garden!

Another good place to start is with some gardening books that are dedicated to your growing area.  So you need to find out what growing area you are living in first and then focus on the area where you live.  There is no point in trying to grow palm trees in Buffalo!

Growing some Medicinal Herbs is a great start. Many are very easy to grow and you can use them for your own herbal teas and creams.

Satisfaction comes in small steps forward and growing herbs would be a great first step.  Many herbs can be used in the kitchen to flavor your dinners as well.

Going for a tour of your neighborhood would also be a great way to find out what grows well in your own neck of the woods.  I would suggest a tour of a local greenhouse, a conservation area, or a Botanical Garden in your neighborhood, would also be a great weekend adventure and help you learn some of the plants that are growing.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Most gardeners love to talk about their own gardening space.  So if you see a garden that grabs your eyes, look for someone working and ask them about their garden.  They will be more than pleased to share information with you and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Local Greenhouses and Conservation Areas are great places to learn how to Garden.

If there are people who are working or volunteering in these areas, don’t be afraid to ask questions. They are there to help you not only enjoy what you are seeing, but also with information pertaining to what is there! It could be a flower, a green plant, a bush, or anything else that is planted in the ground.

With everyone having cell phones today, it is really easy to take pictures of plants that you see growing and then you can find out what they are later.  Or if you know what it is, make a note of it.  Then when you are home or at the computer, you can find out more about that particular plant.

Beginnings…..In the Garden

When you have decided to give gardening a go, you need to figure out where you are going to be doing this. Will you be an indoor gardener, or do you have a patch of ground that you want to turn into a garden?  Are you an apartment dweller or do you have some space to work in?  Answering  these questions  will help you begin on the right foot.  If you are totally new to gardening, I might suggest that your first year should  be spent with container gardens.  Unless your vegetable beds are already in place, containers would be the best place to start.  Container gardening doesn’t require as much upkeep and daily maintenance to yield some results.

Your garden will require sunshine, water and nutrients, in order to grow well.  Summer months are always great times to grow vegetables and flowers.  You may start with a patio tomato and some marigolds.  The tomatoes will grow wonderfully in pots and the marigolds will help to keep pests away and look pretty too.

Container gardens tend to need more watering than those planted in the ground.  You need to look for signs that they are wilting and then you need to water them.  Putting your plants on a regular fertilizer schedule will help them grow big and strong.  They should also bear fruit for you too.

Talk to the Experts, Join a Garden Club.

Join a garden club and talk to the people there.  Asking for advice is always a good way to learn.  Gardening clubs are also very nice ways to make new friends.

Once you have settled all your concerns and decided to do some home growing, now settle in and take care of your plants.  Regular watering and feeding will result in a bumper crop for sure.  Just imagine your first Bacon Tomato and lettuce sandwich.  Made of course with your own tomatoes!  You will never look back.  Stay tuned to GrammieO’s Newsletter there will be continuing help for Newbie Gardeners coming up soon.



Enjoy home made Pannini with your own home grown tomatoes and you will always remember the first time you started gardening and feasting on your results.  It’s a wonderful feeling to eat fresh from your own little garden.

Jan 18

Summer Parties with Pizzazz and Sizzle!

Summer Parties with Pizzazz and sizzle are great ways to enjoy the warm days and lovely evenings.

Making that party special is easy enough with some hints of extra added fun in your drinks and decor.  Just imagine a party with the theme of “Star Wars”.  You could have simple sheets used to drape across your tables, with light scattered through the trees and Tiki lamps to light those dark recesses of your yard.  Add some fun with your punch bowl filled with ice shaped like R2D2, C3PO, and the Death Star and your guests will just have an awesome time.

These molds will make that party just sizzle right along with the whole theme.  Star Wars has such great following and now that the latest edition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  has come out, a whole new group of youngsters are finding out about all the fun and excitement that made Star Wars the Greatest Epic Movie Compilation Ever.


Star Wars and the Next Generation of Movie Viewers

Starting that party off with a showing of the latest Star Wars Movies is the way to set the whole mood for the rest of the party.  The Force Awakens brings a whole new audience to the Star Wars Genre of movies and with kids and their friends being available over the summer, maybe it’s a great time to have a Star Wars extended movie day/night.

Summer Parties

Summer Parties don’t have to happen only one night.  Get the family together and spend some quality time sharing all the wonders of what was and is one of the greatest epics of our times.  The kids will be interested in seeing what made it so special for their parents and it will fill in a lot of spaces (no pun intended) with the audience as a whole.  Leave the Tiki lamps and night lights and party over a couple of days with all of the conversations circling around the happenings in the Movies.

Jan 18

Special Events and Dressing Well

Wedding Season is upon us!

May, June, July and August are the prime months for weddings. I still love the idea of getting “dressed up” for weddings. I think it is a sign of respect for the Bride and Groom and or the families of the Bride and Groom.

Dancing the night away in an outfit that is lovely, also makes the whole evening a night to remember in your books as well as that of the Bride and Groom.

When you are trying to find something appropriate to wear, you should check out this wonderful online dress shop. I was thrilled with what I found and both the styles and the prices are out of this world, reasonable and beautiful.

Fabbeautydressy (You just have to see these beauties, Click on the link)

The other thing I really liked was that they have a full roster of beautiful dresses, long and short as well as pant suits in above average sizing. That is something you just don’t find everywhere.

Shopping when you are not regular sized can be difficult. Not here! There are beautiful, up to date, and rather exciting styles for the above average sized women. The styles are absolutely gorgeous and made to help someone with a few extra curves look amazing. Dressy and beautiful all at the same time.


The other thing I really liked was that they have a full roster of beautiful dresses, long and short as well as pant suits in above average sizing. That is something you just don’t find everywhere.

Shopping when you are not regular sized can be difficult. Not here! There are beautiful, up to date, and rather exciting styles for the above average sized women. The styles are absolutely gorgeous and made to help someone with a few extra curves look amazing.

Dressy and beautiful all at the same time.There is no need to dread looking for a great outfit to wear to that special engagement anymore. You have choices here from long gowns, to short and snappy looking dresses. Or if a pant suit is more your style, they are available too! Short sleeves, long sleeves or just a light jacket topper, to offer a little more coverage in the evenings are all here just waiting for you.

There are thousands of styles that can be custom sized just for you.  No need to look any further and with fast 24 hour shipping, your dress will be in your hands before you can say,  “I wish they had this in my size! or I want it now!”

plus sized evening dress

Beautiful in Blue

plus size pant suit

Gorgeous in Evening Pants










These are just a few of the styles you will find available for your special engagement.  If you are going to a wedding as a guest, you will be beautiful for sure.

If you are family of the bride or groom you will be extra special in any one of the outfits you can find at FabBeautyDress.com.  You can click on any of the pictures and be taken to their site, where you can see for yourself all the possibilities.

fabulous dresses

Made just for You

Grammie Olivia is pleased to be able to offer these beautiful dresses for your enjoyment and to help make you look your best at the next “special event” in your life!

Jan 18

Grammie O’s Newsletter

Lauren and Addy

My Darling Granddaughters

Welcome to GrammieO’s Newsletter!  You will find within these pages lots of really good information that can be used to make learning and having fun with your family a priority!


GrammieO’s Newsletter will be full of interesting and informative, fun things to do with children of all ages.  Join me for some fun times, all year!

You will also find some of GrammieO’s favorite books for Children and Adults too!  Gift Ideas for everyone from the wee babies right up to our favorite Grammies and Grampas too!

Recipes to make with and for your family, that are fun, nutritious and delicious too!

GrammieO also has a gardening website that will have all kinds of information on growing things, all year long.  How to make the most of your backyard or whatever growing space you have available.  Fun for the whole family in the great outdoors.  Just click on the link www.grammieknowshow.com


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Jan 18

Special Moms and Special Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a great day to let your mom know how much she means to you!

For the little ones, it’s a perfect time to get out the crayons, glue, sparkles and everything else you could possibly need to make something for the Mom who appreciates Fine Art!

Art Supplies for the Little Artists in your home!

Little Artists Supplies

Everything your little Artist would need and want to complete their Masterpiece is available right here!  Clicking on the blue link above, will take you to all kinds of art supplies. So many choices for all different levels of talent and desire.  Your children will be making gifts for mom and dad non-stop.  Creativity is a good thing to foster in a young child.  Every occasion will be another occasion for them to create something beautiful as a gift for mom.

valentines day gifts for mom, gifts for mom for valentines day, mom gifts for valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day Mom

With a little help from the grown-ups, your budding artist will be able to share his talent with those he loves. Making gifts like this for mom will make him a better artist and a loving caring child too.  And the best part is that any day can be a special day when you have the tools to create.  Valentine’s Day gifts for Mom, Dad, Grandma and special Aunts and Uncles,  could be coming for weeks on end.

Mom’s will be looking for a special spot to “showcase” their beautiful gifts!

If that isn’t quite the gift for Valentine’s Day that you had in mind for your mom, then maybe something a little sparkly would do nicely too. There are hundreds of crafty ideas to make with the children to surprise Mom for Valentines Day! If you need some inspiration check out this listing for crafts to make with children.


Kids love to make and give gifts! Teaching them how to do this from the time they are little, will help  them become very loving and artistic people.  Moms, of course,  will love their Valentine’s Gift made especially for them, by their own children.  Grandmas and Grandpas would love a special gift made for them too!

Valentine’s day is one of those holidays where creativity with little ones can be let loose, and the outcome will always be enjoyed by the recipient.

valentines day gifts for mom, gifts for mom on Valentines Day, Be My Valentine


If time is something that you are short of,  you want to buy something for Mom for Valentine’s Day.  That is easy to do as well.  I am sure that with thousands of gift ideas, you and your little charges will find the perfect gift for Mom for Valentine’s Day.  She will be thrilled that you thought about her for sure!



Nov 23

Finest Inner Wear Sale: Today Only! Don’t Miss Out!

If you are in the market for some lovely Inner Wear, now is the time to act!

For one day only, today, Wednesday till midnight, you can buy some really beautiful bras for less than half price.  These inner wear fashions normally run in the $60.00 range.  Today and today only they are $19.99!


plus size bras, inner support for curvy ladies, bras at half price or less,

Lovely Inner Wear

PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Shop Daily Deals at AdditionElle.com! (Valid 11/20 to 11/24)

The time to stock up on Bras is now. These are lovely and can be worn in several different configurations. Sizing from 38C to 44DDD, there should be something here for you. This bra comes in several colors or plain white and black. You really need to check out the website to see all the beauties that are included in this one day sale.

One Day Only! Select Deese Bras at $19 AdditionElle.com! (Valid 11/23 12:00AM-11:59PM EST)

pretty plus size bras, fancy inner wear for plus sizes, colorful inner wear for her

Additionelle Bra Sale One Day Only!

Here you see this bra in the regular over the shoulder straps, but this can be converted into a “cross back” style as well. I love the mauve color and this one also comes in a beautiful blue as well. The shadow stripe just makes it so interesting and sexy.

AdditionElle also has other bras on sale as well.  If you don’t happen to like the striped versions, there are plain ones available too.   I love my lingerie and when I can get it on sale I like it even better.  So you know that I will be shopping for some new inner wear for myself.  I don’t want you to miss out!

Use the links in this article(in blue) and you will be taken to the website where you can peruse at  your leisure.  Well not too long, after all, the sale is over at 11:59 tonight.  But a few hours should do the trick.  I bet you will find some pretty additions to your inner wear wardrobe.


inner wear, plus size bras, lovely lingerie for her

Flash Sale Today Only

Nov 22

One Day Sale on Plus Size Bottoms

As Promised, today I bring you additional savings for Pre-Black Friday on Plus Size bottoms by Additionelle!

There can never be too many pairs of bottoms in any woman’s closet.  But if you are in need of some new duds, today is the day.  Amazing leggings at $29.00 from selected styles offered by Additionelle.

These bottoms are stylish with accents that are rarely seen in the Plus size domain.  Leggings with beautiful leather-like accents that give any outfit a modern, edgy feel.  Comfortably cut, so that there is no pulling, these leggings are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

One Day Only! Select Bottoms at $29 AdditionElle.com! (Valid 11/22 12:00AM-11:59PM EST)

Canadian Women love to have fashion available to them that fits well, looks incredible and has great wearability. These bottoms will fit that bill perfectly. Add a beautiful top or sweater and you are ready to make your entrance into any situation.

The Perfect Leggings

Curvy ladies love to have the nicest of outfits, yet they want to be comfortable and carefree in their look too! These leggings are so well made and look incredible that I know you will have a hard time deciding which one to get. At these prices, you can get more than one. Decision making made easy with several styles to choose from. Treat yourself to some new bottoms that you know you will wear over and over again.

fancy leggings for plus size, plus size bottoms for her, plus sized bottoms additionelle

Leggings for Your Wardrobe


Pre-Blck Friday Specials



Every day this week there are specials for your shopping pleasure. Specials are available for one day only! Today is the day for leggings and other selected bottoms, tomorrow brings you some wonderful inner fashions. Intimates to make you feel your best from the inside out!


Come back often to see what’s new for the curvy lady who really enjoys having some wonderful choices for her daily appearance. Sign up for the newsletter and never miss out on another update. No spamming will ever be sent from me, only interesting and useful information with easy unsubscribes as well. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nov 21

Don’t Miss This: Fantastic Winter Sweaters on Sale Today Only

Winter Sweaters are a Must Have!

Don’t miss out on these winter sweater specials!  It’s an Early Black Friday Special just for you with more to come tomorrow and Wednesday……These are specials that you really don’t want to miss out on.

One Day Only! Select Sweaters at $39 AdditionElle.com! (Valid 11/21 12:00AM-11:59PM EST)


plus sized sweaters for her, additionelle sweater sale, must have sweaters plus size

Monday Specials on Sweater at Additionelle

I am so pleased to bring my Canadian friends the lovely things available from Additionelle.  I am always so pleased with their products.  This is a sale that you really should not miss……so many styles and colors available.

On Sale Tomorrow

Tomorrow there will be another set of sales just for you!  It’s a great time to fill out what your wardrobe is missing.  You know the “holiday” parties will start soon, if they haven’t begun already.  Bottoms will be featured on Tuesday (tomorrow) at the great price of $29.00.  Those who shop early will have first take at all the sizes. I will post another link for you tomorrow so that you can take full advantage of this incredible offer.

Wednesday Specials

Then hold onto your hats, Wednesday you will be able to purchase innerwear. Bras from Deese will be available for $19.00. You cannot beat this for a great price for foundation garments that are made for you! Plus Size ladies deserve the nicest and best fitting undergarments at reasonable prices. These are reasonable in my books. I have been known to pay so much more than this for one good bra.

I cannot share the links with you for the pants and bras until Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. But you can sign up for my newsletter and then I will automatically send you the updates for your benefit. It’s a win-win proposition and I will never use your email for anything other than a great sale that you really should not miss out on.

Nov 20

7 Ways to Awaken the Christmas Spirit in Children

When it comes to Christmas children are already in the spirit right after Thanksgiving ends.  But for Christian children, there are ways to awaken the true Spirit of the Season, the spirit of loving and of giving.

We all know about the gift giving and receiving part of Christmas, but how many chances are there for families to open the hearts of their children to that true mystery of the First Christmas that happened 2000 or so years ago?  I’d like to say that there are many ways to do that, but we need all the help we can get!

Children try to understand the true meaning of the Season

Children by nature are very spiritual beings.  They believe many things without having to see them.  Take the story of Santa Claus, they are very quick to believe it because from their earliest days Mom and Dad have said it’s so.
My Seven Ways to Awaken the Spirit of the Season are:
1. Clean out their toys and put some aside for the local shelter.
2. Let them help decorate the home for the Season.
3. Let them have a special place in their rooms to decorate.
4. Get or make an Advent Calendar.
5. Read to them about the true meaning of the Season.
6. Tell stories about your childhood Christmases.
7. Watch some really good classic Christmas movies.

<A rel=”nofollow” HREF=”http://ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?rt=tf_ssw&ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=CA&ID=V20070822%2FCA%2Fwwwgrammies0a-20%2F8003%2F4cb43c3b-54c6-4cc7-9c78-a2bf334db575&Operation=NoScript”>Amazon.ca Widgets</A>

If Mom and Dad also took the time to tell them the true meaning of Christmas they would also believe that too!  Why?  Simple, because mom and dad love them and would not want anything but the best for them.

learning the meaning of christmas, children learning about Jesus, the true Christmas story

The True Meaning of Christmas

Sometimes it’s easier for parents to emphasize the gift giving part of the Season.  It’s all around them and they hear it everywhere.  Songs, TV specials, Shopping Malls and the like make it easy to fill that need or want.  Sometimes it’s for selfish reasons that we promote that kind of thinking too.  “You better be nice, Santa is watching you!” or “If you don’t behave, you will get a lump of coal in your stocking!” These are self-serving sentiments that parents usually use to get the children to behave. How about teaching them the true meaning instead?

The Christmas Story

Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the “popular” stories surrounding Christmas time, but there are also stories that retell in children’s language the true meaning of the Season.  We would be remiss as parents if we didn’t allow our children to hear all the stories around this most beautiful time of year.

Nativity Stories and Nativity Movies


Children not only love stories to be read to them, they also enjoy movies and DVDs about Christmas. Secretly, I think the parents and grandparents enjoy these just as much as their children. I know I get a lump in my throat every time I see the Miracle on 34th street and I love the Grinch who tried to stop Christmas from coming. These are classic tales that fit right into the spirit of the season and should not be dismissed. They are a great opportunity for parents to teach their children that Christmas is not all about getting presents and more presents. It is an opportune time to teach them to give as well. Children are very astute and love to give. Make that an important part of their Christmas too! It is the sharing of ourselves that becomes the gift.

Between the movies and the books, there is lots of food for thought and plenty of fun for the whole family. Every Christmas story can be shared with the ones you love. Children will want to see them more than once, and I’m sure that parents won’t mind seeing them again either. Let the joy of Christmas fill the home, with song, laughter, and sights that will surely make everyone sit up and taken notice.

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