Jul 08

Summertime Grow and Preserve It!

It’s Summertime and the growing is perfect.  All the berries, herbs and spices, fruits and everything else is just coming into it’s own.  It is  the perfect time to have all the tools and necessities to make all of those preserves, herb infusions, flavored oils and all those good things that come out of your garden.

Grow and Make - Crafting Kits for Every Occasion

GrammieO’s Newsletter Grow and Make Kits for your and your Family

Once the picking starts, there will be no time to run around getting all the needed jars, lids, waxes and extras that you know you should have ordered to have on hand. Stop what you are doing right now, and order your supplies, so that when the bumper crop of goodies comes in from the garden, you are ready and able to use every last hand picked fruits and vegetables, or herbs and flowers to make all the wonderful preserves, pickles, lotions and potions, herb bouquets and oils that you have always wanted to make.

Grow and Make has you covered. They specialize in all those things that you need to make all kinds of good things. Natural ingredients from your garden or from the local farmers’ markets will be readily turned into prized gifts ready when the next occasion presents itself.

You can get kits to make your own wine, beer, sodas, and other healthy alternatives. You can get kits to make soaps and candles, lip balms and bath salts.  The kits themselves make a great gift.  Everything you need to complete a project is included.   How about learning to preserve all the goodness from your garden. Grow and Make has you covered for all of these and more. I love that the founder of Grow and Make is committed to helping people learn about sustainability and making people realize their own potential in the DIY market. Just check out the video and you will understand.

The other part that I like about Grow and Make, is that it is not limited by what they can provide, if you have a recipe of your own that you want to make, that’s okay too. All your jars, or sprays or forms are still available for your convenience.

Today is a great day to start preparing for the abundance that will be coming out of your garden in the next two months. Be ready to start that new hobby, or try your hand at candle making, preserves and pickles, or make your own cheese even. Try something new, you will be pleased and I know your friends and family will enjoy the fruits of your labor in the homemade gifts you will surely lavish on them.  Grow and Make is available to all of the 50 States and Canada as well.  So Canadian Do-it-yourselfers…..jump on board, have some fun and make something wonderful.

Jun 29

Caterpillars and Butterflies All Around Us!

So Where do you think you could find Caterpillars and Butterflies?

If you stop and look, you will see caterpillars crawling aroung plants and leaves.  Butterflies on the other hand, are amazing creatures flitting through the air on wings that are delicate and yet can withstand the winds that are happening around us daily.  Many are in decline and need our help.  Our world is in trouble, and everything we can do to help, is a step in the right direction.

Now is a great time to learn about  caterpillars and butterflies with your children!  You can even help to make their life cycle happen with success.  It’s a great teaching opportunity, it’s never too early to learn about nature and our roles in making things better for all the animals around us.

Butterflies did not start their lives looking like they do when you see them flitting through the air.  They start life out much differently.  Unlike humans who have a similar form all through their lives, butterflies change appearances a few times through their life cycle.  They start off as eggs laid on the undersides of leaves.  Monarchs love to lay their eggs on the undersides of Milkweeds.  Why, you might ask?  Well it’s quite well known that Monarch are attracted to Milk Weeds and the baby caterpillars that come out of the eggs, can eat a lot.  Milk weeds have lots of leaves and they are very tasty to those baby caterpillars.

garden fairies, caterpillars, butterflies, grammieknows

The Monarch Caterpillar

So if you are interested in having Monarch caterpillars in your garden, it would be a good idea to have some milk weeds growing there too. Take the time to sit in the garden and watch those beautiful Monarch flying around and when they land on the milk weed, wait a day or two and then look under the leaves. Don’t be surprised when you see some small mounds of eggs under those leaves.

garden, butterflies, learn, grammieknows

Beautiful Orange and Black Monarch Butterflies

The next question would be, Why do they lay their eggs under the leaves? Well, just think about how smart those butterflies are, if they laid their eggs on top of the leaves, they would wash away when it rains. When they lay their eggs under the leaves, the babies are already protected by their own living umbrella. Even better, when they hatch, they don’t have to look too far for their next meal. They will start chomping on those leaves.

caterpillars, butterflies, learning, grammieknows

Not all Caterpillars Look Alike

Now not all caterpillars look alike, some are one color, and some are furry, some have spikes and others are shiny. Each type of caterpillar you find will end up becoming a butterfly or a moth. Not all caterpillars are “good” caterpillars either. Some of them are very destructive to farmers fields, so it helps to know which ones we should look out for and which ones we should pick to use as dinner for the fish in our pond.


Butterflies are found in almost every part of the world, but the types of butterflies will vary greatly. Just like birds, certain butterflies like special kinds of weather. Monarchs for example will fly from the warm climates of California and Mexico to the north during summer months, and then when it becomes too cold, they start to fly south again……


Help your Children Learn about Butterflies

Butterfly: Children Book of Fun Facts & Amazing Photos on Animals in Nature – A Wonderful Butterfly Book for Kids aged 3-7

Do you want to learn more about butterflies? These are a few of the books that I would recommend for your own research and fun. See how many of these butterflies you can find this summer.


Butterflies are wonderful creatures that need help sometimes in order to survive.  Teaching our children about the beautiful animals and insects in our natural world will help them to understand that they too play an important role in the survival of some of the most delicate creatures on earth.  They will also make it a part of their daily lives and that can only be a good thing.


Fill your summertime with nature and all the beauty that surrounds us.  Take the time to embrace all the creatures that share your space.  Do your part to make Mother Nature happy.

Jun 26

Monday The First Day of The BC Stack Sale

Monday is the first day of the BC Stack Sale!  Don’t let the day go by without making this purchase!

I like to get a jump on the important things in my life.  One of them is building my on-line presence.  To that end, I have been studying how to make that happen, using my efforts to gain the best results.

Does that sound smart?  I sure think so.  There are so many people who will try to tell you  that all you need is a domain name and hosting and you can make money without any effort.  I’m here to tell you that this is a misconception.  Like anything else in life, you have to work at it.  Tools are needed and the BC Stack is chock full of great information to help you get that on-line presence started and to get noticed.

At $27.00, you could not buy one book about on-line marketing. With the BC STACK you will get so much more. Value for your money has never been this good!

Jun 25

Critical and Important Information for Bloggers

Blogging for fun and for profit is possible with the right information at your fingertips, it will be easier to get started on the right foot!

Starting on June 27th, you can purchase an amazing Library of Products to help you through all the “things you need to do” to make your blogging experience the best!

 This Bundle is only available for 5 days….you don’t want to miss this opportunity.  I wish this had been available to me when I first started Blogging.

I can tell you that if you read and follow, you will have so much success with your on-line presence!  Don’t miss out!  It will be over on July 2!

To Make it even easier for you to profit from all of this just click on this link and you will be able to order your BC Stack!  It’s a good thing!

Jun 21

Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy

How to Make Outdoor Entertaining Easy 

Your outdoor space says a lot about how you relax and enjoy your “downtime”.  Everyone works hard at their jobs and when you come home, you just want to relax and enjoy your home indoors and outdoors too.  Summer months are the best time to make outdoor entertaining real easy.  The days are longer, sunshine lasts on the average about 14 hours and with some easy outdoor lighting, you can make that day last a little longer.  

outdoor entertaining made easy

Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy and Comfortable


Start with Comfortable Seating in the Patio

When inviting friends and family to enjoy your space, it’s always nice to have a comfortable spot to have those conversations that reconnect us.  Might I suggest that the new outdoor furniture is a great place to start and it doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Affordable and weather resistant, these patio “living rooms” make a really nice place to relax and enjoy.

outdoor entertaining made easy
The French Riviera Collection – 4 Pc Outdoor Rattan Wicker Sofa Patio Furniture Set. Choice of Set & Cushion Color (Light Brown / Ivory Cushions)


Two Chairs and a Loveseat with a coffee table to share between them makes a perfect spot for an evening outdoors.  The coffee table will double as a resting place for your beer or wine glass too.

What else do you need?

Add some fairy lights to add a little bit of extra time to spend in the garden after the sun goes down.  These are so pretty and really add just a little bit of magic to the evening atmosphere. Plus you just never know when those fairies are going to come out to join the party.

outdoor entertaining made easy

Lighting to make evening entertaining even better.

GRDE® Solar Powered Crystal Water Drop String Light , 20 LED 15.75ft Waterproof Fairy Ambiance Lighting for Outdoor, Gardens Patio Homes Wedding Christmas Party (Multicolor)

If Fairy lights are not to your liking and you want something a little more outdoorsy, you could also do some Tiki Torches around the Patio area.  The fire will tend to help keep some of the bugs at bay.  Just remember to extinguish them after your company has left!




outdoor entertaining made easy
TIKI 1112155 Stone Resin 4 in 1 Multi Use Torch

Which ever way you choose to decorate your outdoor space, once you have it done, you will be using it much more frequently. Outdoor Entertaining will be so much fun once you have your patio all set up. You will make use of it daily and with summer just beginning, now is the time to start setting up your outdoor space.




Remember that you make memories when you spend time with friends and family.  Spending that time in your lovely outdoor patio, will make memories that last for a lifetime.  Enjoy!

Jun 07

Happy Grandfather’s Day too!

Father’s Day isn’t just for DAD‘s it’s also for those Fathers who are also Grandfathers!

Grandfather’s sometimes get lost in the shuffle. But truth be known, they shouldn’t be! Father’s Day is that one day in the year where we celebrate all the men who have had an impact on our lives. The men who taught us how to use a screwdriver and hammer, helped us build our first birdhouse and much more. Those are the Dad’s who through the years could be called upon to help us out in whatever need we had. I know that many times we called on my father to help us do those things that we had no experience with. One task that my father helped us with, was felling a tree that was threatening to land on a neighbor’s house.

My husband and I had no idea how to do this and could not afford to hire an arborist. We had just bought this house and there wasn’t any cash to spare. My father just looked and said, “No problem!” Let’s do this together and it will be done in no time at all.

Quickly and without much fuss, we had our tree felled and our angst was replaced with relief.

#fathers day, #grandfathers day, #grammieknows

Tree Down!

This is what a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like | Funny Grandfather Unisex T-shirt

Anyone who has ever felled a tree knows how much work that is.  My father just took it in stride, cleared his calendar and helped.  Actually he spearheaded the attempt to fell this tree.  His grandchildren were there to witness the action first hand.  And I’m sure that they would agree that this was one cool Grandpa.  He would have loved this T-shirt.  His Grandchildren were the light of his life.  Coming from them, I know he would have worn that T-shirt with the most pride ever.

TeeStars – Grandpa The Man The Myth The Legend – Best Gift for Grandad T-Shirt


I could also see him wearing this little number.  He was a good man, with many stories, that the grandchildren would listen intently to.   At times I thought they must be in awe, or they  just could not believe half of the stories he would tell.  So his stories became Legend.  He lived in an age that my children just could not imagine.   WW2 stories, depression stories and having to work before and after school, were things my children did not understand (thank God). His family would not have survived if the children didn’t do some of the farming tasks.


Father’s Day Gift Mug – Novelty Design 11oz Funny Dear Grandpa Mug, Thanks 4 Putting Up A Child Like My DAD, Your Favorite White Ceramic Coffee Mugs Cup – Top Quality, Awesome Gift Mug for Grandpa / Father’s Day

I’m sure that my kids would have given this mug to their Grandpa.  After all, they just lit up like crazy when they went to visit him.  Me, they had me all the time, so I didn’t get the same reactions.  Grandpas are special people who light up a special spot in the hearts of their grandchildren.


Today, it’s  my husband and I,  who are the Grammie’s and Grandpa’s.  I know that these gifts would fit this Grandpa nicely too! While he doesn’t fell trees, he still plays an important part in their lives, both as Father and Grandfather.  His grandchildren will surely have stories to tell about him too!

May 13

Summer Hats for Style and much more!

****UPDATE***** May 18, 2016

Today on the news it was reported that most Sunscreens that claim 30 SPF( sun protection factor)  OR MORE do NOT offer the protection claimed.  Making Hats an essential addition to your sun protection regiment.  Be safe not sorry!



#summer hats, #grammieknows, #skin cancer

Protect Yourself

Summer Hats a Necessary Item or Not?

Summer Hats are a must have item for everyone!  Finding a hat you like might be more of the issue.  Why, you may ask?  Well let me tell you that in recent years the number of people with skin cancer has jumped way up.  It used to be that only the red-heads and fair skinned people had to worry about skin cancers, but that has changed dramatically in the last 20 years.  Doctors are the ones that noticed the increase in the numbers of reported cases.

It is a Fact, the number of people with skin cancers are rising!

So what do you do?  If you are a gardener and like to spend time outdoors, you protect yourself the same way that you protect your hands and your feet.  Having a comfortable hat on your head will certainly be the first step in protection.  A hat with a large brim will shade your eyes and place your shoulders and ears out of the direct glare of the sunlight.

Urban CoCo Women’s Wide Brim Caps Foldable Summer Beach Sun Straw Hats

Fashion versus Utility

If you wear a hat in the garden, it might as well be a nice one!  The important part is making sure that the hat does what it should do and that is shelter your sensitive areas on your head, ears and the back of your neck.

Scala Women’s Cotton Big Brim Hat, Sand, One Size

Now these hats are very nice and useful and cool in the summer, but what if you want some colour?  There are hats that fit that bill too!  Whether you are gardening, walking outdoors, or fishing, there is nothing that says you can’t add a splash of colour into your day.  Just make sure that it is on your head and stays there as long as you are outdoors.

Apparelsales Women’s Men’s Sun Hat Fishing Cap Quick-dry Bucket Hat

This one is shown in pink, but it comes in 14 different colours and you’d be amazed at how masculine it looks in an army fatique colouring.  Made for men or women, because it’s not just the women who are getting skin cancers, it’s also the men.   I don’t like baseball caps, because while they protect your eyes from the excessive glare of the sun, they do nothing for the sensitive skin on your ears, or the back of your neck.  These are target areas for skin cancers to grow.  It’s better to wear a hat like this:

Dorfman Pacific SPF4-CAML4 Solarweave Treated Cotton Mesh Safari – XLarge – Camel

Sun protection, sun protection!

You hear mom’s remind their children to put on their hats, put on sunscreen and if they are too young, mom makes sure she does it for them.  So why not make sure that the man of the house is also protected when he goes out to play.  Whether he is at the baseball game, golfing, or watching the kids at the park, make sure he is protected from those harmful rays of the sun too.


A little protection from the sun’s rays,  will save you a lot of grief.  Make it a habit, you and your skin will thank you!

Happy Summer, Happy and Safe Sunny Days.

May 05

Fantastic Kinetic Garden Sculptures

Gardens like everything in life, come alive with movement and art.  Kinetic Garden Sculptures give that extra bit of “Awe” into your gardening space.

Even if you garden on a balcony, these sculptures will lend an air of excitement and give you time to enjoy the movement of the wind or breezes that blow through.

Every Botanitcal garden I have ever visited, always included surprises that I wasn’t expecting.  Most of the time it was in the form of some type of statuary or sculptured piece.  Now you can have that same element of surprise in your garden with very affordable and quite beautiful Kinetic garden Sculptures.  There is one that will fit your tastes I’m sure.  But the true beauty is in the movement of the piece.  Unlike a statue that does not move, these works are all based on movement.

It’s easy to see that the balance has got to be just right, so that even if there isn’t any wind, the sculpture looks beautiful on it’s own merit.  Add that little breeze or mild wind and you have a soothing, hypnotic addition to your garden space.

Evergreen Enterprises 489042 Bloom Powder Coated Metal Kinetic Garden Art

Panacea 88865 Kinetic Art Windmill with Leaf Spinner, 72-Inch Height, Bronze Finish

Panacea 88864 Kinetic Art Windmill with Vertical Leaves Spinner, 63-Inch Height, Bronze Finish

Evergreen Enterprises 489044 Twirler Powder Coated Metal Kinetic Garden Art

Garden sculptures are wonderful additions to any style of garden. They add a touch of whimsy and just make people smile. They are fascinating to watch and have a real calming effect on people. Placed in a special spot, whenever you are in the garden, you will catch a glimpse of these beautiful works of art.


Anthony Howe Kinetic Sculptures (You Tube, posted by Perpetual Useless)

May 03

The Best Gardening Stool for Mom

The Best Gardening Stool for Mom will be one that is easy to use and will really help her in the garden.

GardenHOME Folding Garden Stool, Garden Seat, Garden Kneeler



I like this garden stool for several reasons.  Not only is it really useful, but it does what you want it to do.  It can be used two ways, as a seat or as a kneeler.  The design is such that both ways, there is enough padding to make this stool or kneeler comfortable.  My knees don’t like being on the hard ground anymore.  So when I get the kneeler out, my knees will let me work for hours without discomfort and no time for complaints.

It’s steel frame is coated with a rust free coating, so it will last through all kinds of weather.  Made to fold flat, it won’t take up a whole lot of space when not in use and it will protect you while you are working away in the garden.  I remember one year when I was working away with my knees firmly planted in the ground and I did not realize that I was on an ant hill.  All of a sudden my knees were burning from ant bites.  You won’t have to worry too much with this stool.  Oh, you still have to be aware of garden bugs, but at least your knees won’t be on the hill of the ant’s home, making direct contact with those little soldiers.

#gardenstool, #grammieo, #garden caddy

Getting up and down is easy too with the sides handles that can be used to push up off the kneeler.  A quick flip and the kneeler becomes a stool, so that you can rest and enjoy the work you have done, or to take a five minute breather, while you figure out your next move. This Garden Stool is perfect and will last for years to come.  Mom will wonder how she ever did without this tool in her arsenal of tools.  The Garden will be a place that she will want to go and work in again.

Add this tool caddy to the Garden Stool and you have the perfect pair.  Mom will be so thankful that you thought of her every need.  Small hand tools are always needed in the garden and this tool caddy has pockets for those and more.  When you are working away, it’s nice to be able to take a sip of water, or have your cell phone handy, when someone calls. Pockets for seeds or your camera to take that perfect picture of that special flower or the birds.  All of it fits in nicely and more important is close at hand.

GardenHOME 5 Gallon Bucket Caddy Apron for Garden Tools

This tool caddy will help Mom stay organized and working productively during her garden expeditions.  There is a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

These two tools together make a couple of perfect gifts for Mom and she will thank you for the thoughtfulness and practicality of a gift that will keep her in the garden she loves so much.

Apr 28

The Best Rain Barrel

The Best Rain Barrel is one that works well and holds a good amount of collected water.  It should also look nice in your yard, and catch all those natural drops of water!


#rain barrels, # grammieknows,

Make every drop of water count by using a Rain Barrel

After searching out all the costs involved with purchasing this rain barrel, I am convinced that this style is the one for you.  I like that it has a flat back that will nestle the barrel right up against the wall.  It has a large 50 gallon capacity hold and a brass spigot that will double as a hose attachment.  Filling your watering cans from the hose attachment will be much easier than trying to fill it from the top.  Although you can do that as well.  Or you can buy an optional stand for your rain barrel to sit on.

You don’t have to worry about overflow either.  This barrel comes with an overflow that faces opposite to the wall that it is resting against.  Overflow will run into your yard and not running down close to the foundation of your home.  If you want more than one barrel, you can “link” them together for more water savings.  There is a screen covering the top helping to keep insects out and the rain barrel safe around children and pets.

The other thing I really like is that it comes in a variety of colours.  From an authentic barrel look in Black, to Brown, Tan or Green, the colour choice is yours.  You can match or contrast with your homes outer décor or if it doesn’t matter, pick the colour you like the best.

RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel with Brass Spigot, Brown

I am almost sure that you will enjoy having this rain barrel as part of your garden tools.  Not only will it ensure that you have fresh water for all your plants and planters, but it will help to cut down on the costs of watering from the hose.  It will also give your plants water without all the chemicals, so your plants will be much happier. If you have a small pond or bird bath, filling that with rain water will also make the birds happy too!

Doing your part in keeping Mother Earth happy has never been so easy.  Get one or two Rain Barrels and you will be on your way to making a much smaller footprint on the world.  That is a win-win situation for everyone.

Rain Barrels should not be overlooked as a great addition to your garden where ever you live.


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